Sunday, 20 September 2020

MESB: The Dark Marshall and WHFB: Shadow Warriors

 Just a quick post today - hobby time is somewhat at a premium these days. But I still managed to paint up another named Nazûl. This time the Dark Marshall. Other than that I did a bit more work on the High Elf Shadow Warriors, finishing one and starting on the base coats of the rest of the group.

The Dark Marshal
Pict 924: The Dark Marshal
The Dark Marshal
Pict 925: The Dark Marshal
The Dark Marshal
Pict 926: The Dark Marshal

As you can see, he's very similar to the other Ringwraiths I already painted. They are all basically a humanoid form in a dark shroud with varying degrees of armour. I was happy to snatch this model up in metal to match my other wraiths that are also all in metal and not in Finecast.

I also decided to try out a differnt basing scheme for my Mordor army. It irks me that I can't use my Mordor Orcs with my Isengard army and so I'm considering to change up the bases on my Mordor. The grass is not quite the same - Rohan grass being a bit to lush for my Mordor taste. But this should my not as noticable.

Shadow Warrior
Pict 927: Shadow Warrior

Here is the first of the Shadow Warriors finished. I quite like how he came out even if it's only the orange tabbard connecting him to the scheme of the wider army. The Shadow Warriors should be able to set themselves apart a bit.

Alith Anar and Shadow Warriors (WIP)
Pict 928: Alith Anar and Shadow Warriors (WIP)

Lastly a quick WIP: the rest of the Shadow Warriors from the 7th edition box and of course Alith Anar to lead them into battle. Always great to have an infantry model shooting arrows using the bolt thrower mechanics in game.

Sunday, 30 August 2020

Ten Years After: The Island of Blood

As I said in my last post, I wanted to participate in the Skaven and High Elves Painting Challenge and with a bit more time during this week's evenings I not only managed to finish Prince Althran but also my conversion of the Island of Blood mage as well as some other bits and bobs.

High Elf Heros in Lustria
Pict 917: High Elf Heros in Lustria

Prince Althran on foot
Pict 918: Prince Althran on foot

High Elf Mage (Conversion)
Pict 917: High Elf Mage (Conversion)

I had quite a bit of fun painting these two and I'm looking forward to painting some more High Elves! Finishing Prince Althran did not take very long and I can see myself repeating the colours not only on heroes but also warriors. First I had to try and make the white work on a bigger surface - the converted Island of Blood mage seemed like a good enough test model. It was less masochistic than expected. I did the highlights on the white as the very last thing on the model and thus could smooth out any spots where I had not been quite as neat as I wanted.

Shadow Warrior (WIP)
Pict 920: Shadow Warrior (WIP)

I also started on a Shadow Warrior to implement the colours on a warrior instead of a hero. I don't plan on having a real army of high elves so I should be able to take my time and only paint the models I want to a high level.

Bandobras Tuk, Fredegar Bolger and Hobbit Militia
Pict 921: Bandobras Tuk, Fredegar Bolger and Hobbit Militia

After so much time in the Old World, I wanted to get back to my usual Middle-earth. And what better way to do that then painting a bunch of Hobbits. I had a version of Bandobras on foot for quite a while but never got around to the Bulllroarer on horseback. With him, I also pulled out the remainder of the hobbit militia I had in a box and of course Fatty Bolger, with no weapon other than is girth.

Uruk-Hai Warrior and Raven
Pict 922: Uruk-Hai Warrior and Raven

My friend over at smallthingsmodelling also donated a crossbow to the Isengard cause as well as a raven. The former was promtly used to convert a second Uruk-hai Warrior. And the latter might get used as an animal compaintion in Rangers of Shadow Deep.

Adult Red Dragon Base (WIP)
Pict 923: Adult Red Dragon Base (WIP)

Lastly, I also did a bit more work on the Adult Red Dragon's base. With the gold on the coins, the next step will be  a lot of tidying up of the ground... After that: Only the gemstones and some other small details left now. The big problem will be the Dragon's paws - I haven't quite decided on how I'll paint the big scales and the claws...

Sunday, 16 August 2020

WHFB High Elves: Testing Colours

After the Preyton, I was on a bit of a fantasy trip these past two weeks. I finished painting the Vampire Lord I started in April. I then was made aware of Bjorn Stormborn's Skaven and High Elf painting challenge on the occasion of the tenth anniversary of the release of the Island of Blood boxset. I decided to take part and decide on a colour scheme for my High Elves.

Prince Althran (WIP)
Pict 915: Prince Althran (WIP)

And here is my attempt at a colour sheme for my Warhammer Fantasy High Elves. I spent quite some time looking at old armybooks and the Uniforms & Heraldry book. I finally decided to go for a Eataine scheme since it will contrast well with my Wood Elves. I also once had a High Elf army with a similar scheme. But that one has been sold for quite some time... For now the scheme looks easy enough, but we'll have to see how masochistic it gets with large white robes.

This miniature of course is the foot model of Prince Althran - the Noble on Griffon from the Island of Blood set. I love the pose with the shield outstreched to parry an incoming blow while readying the sword for the next strike.

I want to see Althran finished by next week for the aforementioned challenge and I hope to try adapting the colour scheme on a different miniature.

Vampire Conversion
Pict 916: Vampire Conversion

As mentioned I also finished painting the Vampire Lord from a while back. Basically only the highlighting was left to do but somehow I found it difficult. But now that she's done I'm pretty happy with the miniature.

Sunday, 2 August 2020

Painting a Preyton

I finally got back to swinging the paintbrush and took out a Warhammer Preyton from the drawer of onloved miniatures. I also started to work on the Adult Red Dragon's base, but this seems to be a larger project...

Pict 912: Preyton

Pict 913: Preyton

Getting back into painting always takes me some time. This Preyton languished in a box for quite some time and I never really had a good idea of the colours I wanted to use. But simply starting by throwing some brown tones on the model got me started and the blue wings came naturally as a nod to the chaotic nature of the beast. The base fits my Wood Elf army since the monster was originally planned for a Storm of Magic game that never happened.

Adult Red Dragon Base (WIP)
Pict 914: Adult Red Dragon Base (WIP)

For the dragon's base, I started with the ground and the stones, using the same technique I used on the stones of the Blacksmith's Workshop. Painting the base, however, I noticed how it's somewhat unlogical. A mound of stones with a wall running through it? A treasure chest sticking out of the stone in the ground? - Oh well, it's not too bad because eventually a big red dragon will take up all the attention!

Sunday, 19 July 2020

Big Red Turkey

These past few weeks were not that productive hobbywise once more. But I managed to fill the gaps on two big D&D miniatures: the Adult Red Dragon I showed of last time and a Zombie T-Rex.

Adult Red Dragon (WIP)
Pict 908: Adult Red Dragon (WIP)
I also put in some extra time and primed the Red Dragon. For now he's still of the base to have better access to the underside while painting. But I might just start with the base - I dread painting all of the coins and differentiating them from the ground.

Adult Red Dragon (built)
Pict 909: Adult Red Dragon (built)
Adult Red Dragon (built)
Pict 910: Adult Red Dragon (built)

And here is an additional picture of the big flying beast before priming and the Tyrannosaurus Zombie at the same stage of having filled in the gaps. I used green stuff for the bigger gaps - especially on the wings since they came in two parts. I filled the smaller gaps with Vallejo Plastic Putty and also used it to smooth out the borders between the resin and the green stuff.

Tyrannosaurus Zombie (built)
Pict 911:Tyrannosaurus Zombie (built)
Also: the concept of a Zombie T-Rex is simply ridiculous. I love her and have decided to call her Betty (short for Beatrice).

Sunday, 28 June 2020

New and old Projects

I did not have that much time for the hobby and did not touch a brush to a model during the past two weeks... But I managed to strip some new and old friends and build a few more models to take up space on my table.

Pict 907: New and old Projects
As you can see my model selection is somewhat eclectic once more: some Warhammer High Elves, one Bretonnian, six more Rohan Royal Guard, Jarlaxle Baenre and of course that montrosityof  a Red Dragons in the background... Next I'll have to get out the green stuff and fill in some gaps. Fortunately the dragon fit together pretty well after some hot baths.

Sunday, 14 June 2020

Two weeks of highlighting...

Well, I just spent two weeks highlighting miniatures. But in focusing on just that stage of painting, I managed to finish all the remaining Uruk-hai warriors with pikes as well as the first five Infinity miniatures of the year.

Uruk-hai Phalanx
Pict 903: Uruk-hai Phalanx
Uruk-hai Warriors with Pikes
Pict 904: Uruk-hai Warriors with Pikes

Man, I'm glad to be done with the Uruk-hai Warriors. And they really look amazing when arranged into a phanlanx like this. With this, my Isengard army is grown to quite a respectable size and I don't have that much more on my wishlist of things to get for it - only a few more warriors with crossbows and propably a second Ballista.
Having now painted a considerable amount of Uruks also is quite good for my numbers and I acually managed to surpass the number of painted models from last year - and it's only mid june! Great success!

Sekban Naval Group
Pict 905: Sekban Naval Group
Sekban Naval Group
Pict 906: Sekban Naval Group

In between batches of the Uruks, I also got around to finally finish the Sekaban I had started at the start of the year. These are also the first Infinity miniatures of this year (one of my resolutions was to paint all I have... we'll have to see). I really like the style of these models and they might just get me back to painting more Infinity.