Sunday, 12 November 2017

To the defence of Helm's Deep!

"What can men do against such reckless hate?"

This week I finished the Rohan Warriors from the last weeks and I got to use them in a doubles tournament. (And I got to rewatch The Two Towers!)

Rohan Army (Helm's Deep)
Pict 277: Rohan Army (Helm's Deep)
Rohan Warriors (Throwing Spears)
Pict 278: Rohan Warriors (Throwing Spears)
Rohan Warriors (Throwing Spears)
Pict 279: Rohan Warriors (Throwing Spears)
Rohan Warriors (Bows)
Pict 280: Rohan Warriors (Bows)
Rohan Warriors (Bows)
Pict 281: Rohan Warriors (Bows)
The Rohan Warriors comlete a Rohan Army on foot, that I had planned for quite some time - Rohan was my first fraction with the Middle Earth range and thus I have huge backlog of Warriors both on foot and mounted because I concentrated on painting the heroes first. To round out my 400 point army for this doubles event, I used Theoden, Gamling and a Rohan Captain as well as two more Rohan Warriors with thowing spears to get a Helm's Deep themed force. You can see the army in the first picture of this blog entry.
With 24 warriors this batch of miniatures was quite a big but I managed to plough on and prevailed. They all use the same colours but I mixed them up especially with the areas of cloth. The Warriors with bow got a decorative trim on their cloaks to be able to play them as Outriders if necessary

My doubles partner used a fitting (well, with the film canon) force of Galadhrim and in all our preparation games, the army won quite decidetly. During the tournament we got to play this army in two games and while we lost one and drew the other, the games were alway close and fun till the end.

The White Warg (Conversion)
Pict 282: The White Warg (Conversion)

Our evil army for this tournament was an Azog's Legion force with Azog, Bolg, two Ogres and some Gundabad Orcs supported by my Goblin Mercenaries. Since I was also tasked to bring Azog mounted, you saw me convert the White Warg as a dismount in case the two got separated.
The Warg painted up rather quickly in one evening so that I had enough time to finish the Rohirrim.

Sunday, 5 November 2017

Progress with the Wood Elves and the Rohirrim

This week I finished the Nymphe and the Giant Eagle I showed last week. Other than that I made some headway with the Rohirrim foot troops and I busted out the Green Stuff to convert myself a White Warg in case Azog gets dismounted.

Pict 271: Nymphe

Pict 272: Nymphe
As ever: first up is the aforementioned Nymphe. I very much enjoyed painting this miniatrue, trying to use a birch as reference. I live near some trees of the sourcematerial and took the time to look at them for a bit. The Nymphe will not match any of my units of Dryads but they will have be redone anyway. 
Giant Eagle
Pict 273: Giant Eagle
Giant Eagle
Pict 274: Giant Eagle
Next up is another Ally for my Asrai: a Giant Eagle. I used pictures of verraux's eagles as reference for this miniature because I wanted it to be darker than the ones you usually see. The pattern on the white parts of the wings looks rather striking but it doesn't really resemble the verraux's eagle. I like it nevertheless and I learned quite a bit since I hadn't painted feathers for quite some time.

Rohan Warriors (WIP)
Pict 275: Rohan Warriors (WIP)
Here is the next picture of the Rohan Warriors I showed last week. I finished the basic colours and gave everything a wash of Agrax Earthshade so that I will be able to get to the highlighting within the next days.

The White Warg (WIP)
Pict 276: The White Warg (WIP)
Lastly here's a conversion for the White Warg I started during this week. I simply used a Wild Warg Chieftain and gave it the head of a Fell Warg. I elongated the throat a bit with piece of wire and filled the resulting gap with Green Stuff. I surprised myself with the structrue of the fur I managed and I do look forward to painting this one in the coming week as well!

Sunday, 29 October 2017

Edward Scissorhands for the Death Guard

This week the Real Life took over so that there is not too much progress. I only managed to finish painting one lonely miniature I baptised Edward Scissorhands!

Death Guard Chaos Lord
Pict 267: Death Guard Chaos Lord
Death Guard Chaos Lord
Pict 268: Death Guard Chaos Lord
 This miniature is originally one of the Chaos Chosen from the Dark Vengece box. I really liked it when it was released and got it as th only one of the Chaos part of the box. This week I decided to repaint it for my new Death Guard army. I delibered how to use it with the Codex and only found two ways: Either use it as a proxy Possed Marine or a Chaos Lord. I finally decided to go with the Chaos Lord because the miniature has an appropriate amount of detail and I don't own any other Posessed so that a single one wouldn't be that usefull.
Only thing missing is the basing - I ran out of Agrellan Badland when I finished the Plague Marines. I wanted to show the Lord nevertheless but I'll have to swing by my FLGS and pick up some paints.

Pict 269: Nymphe (WIP)
Pict 270: Giant Eagle (WIP)

Next up are two WIPs for my Wood Elves army. I had a spare Dryad lying about and converted her with some mor branches out the back to use her as a Nymphe. I wanted to try and go with a birch theme for this one since I never had done it before. I'm not quite happy yet but luckily I'm not done yet! The Giant Eagle is also quite far along - the feathers are almost done I only want to get a bit more of a brown pattern on the white parts and then I can finish up the details such as the beak and the claws.

Sunday, 22 October 2017

More Asrai and Noldorim

I finally tackled on of those projects that stood around half-finished! Besides two more Wardancers, I got around to paint some Highelves for the Hobbit SBG. Other than that I started batch-painting some Rohirrim to bolster my mounted forces with some footmen.

Shadowdancer, Shadow Coil
Pict 263: Shadowdancer, Shadow Coil
Shadowdancer, Shadow Coil
Pict 264: Shadowdancer, Shadow Coil
Since I painted the unit of Wardances some weeks back I have been eying these miniatures. Since they are only two miniatures, the awesome poses were able to convince me to slip them into the painting queue. With the Shadow Coil done I now painted all the mail order exclusive miniatures - I find they break up a normal unit of wardancers nicely and are unique enough to be counted as Champions or even Shadowdancers.

Pict 265: Noldorim
These miniatures are part of a 400 point Highelf army that I worked on for about two years. I built the force around the two heroes Elrond and Lindir, both on foot in Heavy Armour. I very much love the idea of a Nature's Wrath every turn - but to get that the dice have to play along... For the colour scheme I took notes from the Rivendell Knights - I'd like to have a consistent force and thus my Highelfs represent the Noldorim of the Third Age.
With this project completed I also surpassed my painting tally of last year! So anything I paint will add to my new record even if I wont be able to reach my lofty goal of painting up more than I buy.

Pict 266: Rohan Warriors (WIP)

Finally here's a WIP picture of the next big project: foot slogging Rohan. This army relies on throwing spears to soften up the opponent. I'm looking forward to using this one in games as well!

Sunday, 15 October 2017

The rage of the Gundabad Berserkers

So after I didn't finish anything last week, this week I did get something done! Other than the four Gundabad Berserkers, I advanced some other projects - but they are nowhere near to show even as a WIP.
Gundabad Bersekers
Pict 260: Gundabad Bersekers
Gundabad Bersekers
Pict 261: Gundabad Bersekers
 As I said in the blurb - the only thing I finished are the four Gundabad Berserkers. They were considered for a team tournament, but right now it looks like they will be substituted by an Ogre. The hit to the army's breakoint is not to and the ability to throw opponents is to good to give up.
I'm rather happy with how the grey skin turned out - much better than the one I managed on Bolg. So redoing that is added to the ToDo pile.

Diablo II D&D Miniatures
Pict 262: Diablo II D&D Miniatures

Seaking of the ToDo pile: A good friend of mine gifted me these amazing D&D miniatures made by Wizards of the Coast to add to my list of thinges to paint. I really like the oldschool look of them and do look forward to work on them. And of course to get to play them!

Monday, 2 October 2017

More dancing Asrai and finally finished the Ogres

So this week was productive in terms of numers of painted miniatures and I'm really happy to have surpassed 200. Not to many more and I'll surpass last year's tally.

Pict 256: Wardancers
Pict 257: Wardancers
First up: Here are the Wardancers I started last week. I just finished them right now and the basing materials are still drying. I really had a great time painting them and once the first few highlights were down they came together rather quickly. I tried out some different shapes with the freehands, but didn't go to crazy. There are still about ten more Wardancers somewhere in a box but I might switch it up with the Asrai... I had started with the Warhawk Riders but I plucked them from their mounts again to ad some more flowing capes.

Gundabad Ogres
Pict 258: Gundabad Ogres
Gundabad Ogres
Pict 259: Gundabad Ogres

And here are the Gundabad Ogres finally finished. It took a while but now I'm happy with their skin. The yellowness of last week disappeared quickly with two glazes. After I was done with all those I added a little Reikland Fleshshade to deepen shadows such as under the knee or between the fingers. As a finishing touch I added the leafs to the bases.

So that's what I painted this week. The plan still stands to finish up some more projects on my desk, but right now I'm torn and don't know what will be next. Usually I'd try and show a WIP but since there are so many I'll surprise myself.

Sunday, 24 September 2017

D&D, Woodelves and Gundabad Ogres

I didn't get to paint that much this week, but I did convert and finish two Flameskulls to blow up my D&D players. Other than that I made progress with the Wardancers and I started with the progress of finishing projects that clutter my desk.
Wardancers, Flameskulls, Gundabad Ogres
Pict 252: The paint table

Pict 253: Flameskulls
I made the Flameskulls from the big skulls that come with a box of Gor and afixed the flames from braziers that come with the citadel wood. These bits made some bigger skulls than a normal Flameskull would use and I like to imagine that these Flameskulls were made with the skulls of ogre mages.
Wardancers (WIP)
Pict 254: Wardancers (WIP)

Gundabad Ogres (WIP)
Pict 255 - Gundabad Ogres (WIP)
These two pictures show my progress with the many projects that are currently on my table. The Wardancers have had their base colours blocked in and the washes are down as well.
In order to relief the clutter on my desk a little bit I plan to finish up the miniatures that are half finished right now. I started with the Gundabad Ogres that only are missing the skin. As you can see on the picture the Ogre on the right looks a bit yellow - I hope to correct that with thin layers of highlights, but it's not that bad in person - maybe I should play around with the whitebalance on my camera. Painting skin with several translucent layers is tricky and it only starts to look good once you near the end...