Sunday, 25 February 2018

Update on last week's projects (Tyranids, Arnor) and new stuff

This week was a little better in terms of hobby time. I managed to finish the Tyranids from last week and progressed the Arnor Warriors somewhat. I also got to prime some more miniatures and I got some more paint on some of those.

Pyrovore and Ripperswarms
Pict 371: Pyrovore and Ripperswarms
And here they are: The remaining Tyranids from my new New Year's pledge. The Ripperswarms look great with that many bugs on one base but they are really fiddly to get to all their claws when they are glued down like that...
Let's see what I'll go to next 40k-wise... Right now I'm pretty focused on LotR and D&D miniatures, but I hope to get together with one of my 40k friends to paint and I suppose I'll be getting to more Tyranids by then.
Arnor Warriors (WIP)
Pict 372: Arnor Warriors (WIP)
These Arnor Warriors are coming along as well. They have all their washes done and I'm now in the process of highlighting the colours back up. The faces are done already and they shouldn't take to much longer.
Giant Spiders (eBob)
Pict 373: Giant Spiders (eBob)

And here are some new figures. Well, not entirely new since I already showed them when I had assembled them. Now that the weather was good enough to get some priming done, I also put them on my table to paint. Thankfully they painted up really fast and I very much enjoyed differentiating them.
Pict 374: Noldor Captain

And lastly here is another miniature for my Noldorim. I got him of eBay just this week and I painted him up quickly to use him in my battle company since I'm using the armoured Celeborn as one of my warriors and he doesn't quite fit in with the rest of the company since I introduced some other colours to differentiate the Sindar Celeborn from my Noldorim.

With all those minis painted up, my ratio of painted to new miniatures is barely in the green again! Let's see what I get up to this coming week - as stated above, I'm pretty into the Middle-Earth SBG and D&D and there are some great miniatures in boxes that just wait to get some colour.

Sunday, 18 February 2018

A second Pyrovore and more Arnor Warriors

I didn't have to much hobby time this week again, but I made some progress with the Tyranids I had started at the tail end of the last year. And I managed to throw down some colours on my remaining Arnor Warriors, but sadly I didn't finish anything to put on my painted tally.

Tyranids (WIP)
Pict 369: Tyranids (WIP)

With these Tyranids, I'm getting ever so nearer to completing all of Tyranid backlog. With the state that they are in, only the caprapaces and teeth are missing and I'm looking forward to getting them of my table.

Arnor Warriors (WIP)
Pict 370: Arnor Warriors (WIP)

And here are my Arnor Warriors. I followed the recipe I tried out the previous week. As you can see, I built all the variations of arms / bodies and as with the test piece, two more have added feathers to denote their status. The one with the two feathers will be the lieutenant for my Battle Company. I'll have to raid the familiy tree of the Atani to give them names.
The Warriors have all had their base colours and now await the washes and highlights. Other than that, I also converted and prepared some more miniatures but I didn't manage to prime them due to bad weather.

Sunday, 11 February 2018

Starting the Arnor Battle Company and kreepy Gribblies

Time was at a premium this week and thus I only finished one miniature. But I also prepared some more figures to paint in the coming weeks.

Warrior of Arnor
Pict 366: Warrior of Arnor
Warrior of Arnor
Pict 367: Warrior of Arnor

The miniature I painted this week is this Warrior of Arnor. He'll be a proof-of-concept to test out my colour scheme. It was a bit difficult to get to grips with the creative freedom for the livery - Tolkien didn't say mutch at all about them and so I was able to come up with my own. I used the established Númenor and Minas Tirith schemes and also used mainly black. To add in a splash of colour I went for a dark red - I really like the combination and use it in many of my armies such as my Noldorim. I experimented with this one as well and tried my hand at the woodstructure on the back of the shield. I like the effect I achived, but the surface should be really smooth - here I had to work on a moldline before adding the lines. The warrior was converted a little bit and got himself a single feather on his helmet to denote that he'll be one of the Sargents of my Battle Company.

Giant Spiders (eBob)
Pict 368: Giant Spiders (eBob)

On the modelling front, I built three more Giant Spiders by eBob. Two out of the three went together really well, but the last one was a pain... I broke of five of the legs during posing it on it's rock - one of the legs even broke twice. But with patience, I got there in the end.
They'll see use as Mirkwood Spiders in SBG and I'll hopefully will get to use them with Dungeons and Dragons in the future as well. My group kinde fizzled out, but I'm to blame for that as well as the shortage of time to prepare adventures. But I hope to get back onto that horse as soon as the opportunity presents itself.

Sunday, 4 February 2018

Gundabad sends Reinforcements

I made some good progress this week and painted my remainging Gundabad Berserkers as well as the Gundabad Orcs and the Keeper of the Dungeon.

Gundabad Orcs
Pict 359: Gundabad Orcs
Gundabad Berserkers
Pict 360: Gundabad Berserkers
Gundabad Orc Warriors
Pict 361: Gundabad Orc Warriors
I'm glad I wrote down what paints I used on my Gundabad Berserkers last year. That way I could refer back to my list this week to match them up. I had already used a similar way to paint the Gundabd Orc and I reapeaded what I had done with these new Orcs.

The Keeper of the Dungeons
Pict 362: The Keeper of the Dungeons
The Keeper of the Dungeons
Pict 363: The Keeper of the Dungeons
The Keeper was done in a similar way to the other orcs. With his odd bone armour and bear's feet as well as the blood in his beard he had some other colours introduced, but I keept him in line. He looks different than the way GW painted him as well as the version from the film but that way the force looks more cohesive.

Thráin the Broken
Pict 364: Thráin the Broken
Thráin the Broken
Pict 365: Thráin the Broken

Staying in Dol Guldur, I also painted Thráin the Broken. This was a quick one and I might get back to him to try my hand at freehanding some ornaments on parts of his coat. But for now I'm happy with him and look forward to using him in scenarios.

Sunday, 28 January 2018

Leader Beasts and more Battle Companies

I managed to set a bit more time aside this week than the week before and I managed to get a bit more done - namely I finished the two leader beasts for the Tyranids. Other than that I continued to build stuff for Battle Companies and even found the time to get start the process of painting them.

Tyranid Leader Beasts
Pict 351: Tyranid Leader Beasts
Hive Tyrant
Pict 352: Hive Tyrant
Hive Tyrant
Pict 353: Hive Tyrant
Old One Eye
Pict 354: Old One Eye
Old One Eye
Pict 355: Old One Eye

Finally I got around to finish the carapace on the Hive Tyrant and Old One Eye. I wanted to be neater with them than my usual 'nids and I do like the effect I managed to achive for exemple on Old One Eye's crushing claws. But since I'll be turning my attention to little gribblies (with the exeption of the second Pyrovre) I don't think this more time exetesive method will catch on.

Iron Hills Objective Marker
Pict 356: Iron Hills Objective Marker
And with this dead Iron Hills Warrior, this is the third week I painted a fallen hero. This one was a bit more challaning since I had to sculpt parts of the sheath and the surounding area - that's where a Gundabad Ogre's foot would usually go. I'll have to get some dwarfs with Mattocks to play the Company but that's as good an excuse as I'll get to paint some more dwarfs.

Gundabad Orcs (WIP)
Pict 357: Gundabad Orcs (WIP)
Gundabad Orc Warrior Conversion (Update)
Pict 358: Gundabad Orc Warrior Conversion (Update)
So here is a picture of some Gundabad / Dol Guldur miniatures I started this week. I built the Gundabad Orcs for my Dol Guldur Battle Company and decided since the colours are basicly the same, I could also do the remainder of the Berserkers as well as the Keeper of the Dungeons. I converted one of the Gundabad Orcs that originaly had a spear to have an axe and a shield. And while I did that, I also gave the Orc from two weeks back a shield as well - both conversions were made possible by the donation of shields by my good friend DLT - thank you again!

By finishing the Tyranid beasties I freed up some space on my hobby desk but swiftly filled it up with the Orcs. I hope to get them done fast so I can start with a completly new good Battle Company - I now have almost all the minitatures I need...

Sunday, 21 January 2018

One lonely Pyrovore..

So this week's progress was rather slow, but I finished two more miniatures and got to work on some more.

Pict 346: Pyrovore
Pict 347: Pyrovore
Pict 348: Pyrovore

First up is one of the two Pyrovores I had already shown a few weeks back. In contrast to my usual Kraken scheme, I used a bright green glaze to denote it's toxicity. I liked working with the glaze as opposed to a wash and I'm looking forward to doing it again with the second one.

Azog's Hunters Objective Marker
Pict 349: Azog's Hunters Objective Marker
The second thing I finished is this objective marker for my Hunter Orc army / battle company. Just like the Rivendell Knight last week, I wand to use him for those heroes that roll the "Lost in Battle" result on the injury table. I acually got to use him in battle today - but fortunately I lent him to my opponent and got to play the Rivendell company. Another funny thing about this miniature is that this marks the first Hunter Orc I finished - the dead one...

Tyranids (WIP)
Pict 350: Tyranids (WIP)
Lastly here is a WIP shot os some more Tyranids. I hope to finish Old One Eye soon - there is only one more layer of highlight on the carapace to do and after that I'll get to the Hive Tyrants carapace. But I'm sure I'll get distraced by some other project that's sitting on the desk right now...

Sunday, 14 January 2018

Almost finished the Dol Guldur Diorama + Battle Companies

The White Council at Dol Guldur (WIP)
Pict 336: The White Council at Dol Guldur (WIP)
This week I made a foray into fulfilling my new year's resolutions and painted Elrond and Saruman for my Dol Guldur Diorama. Other than that, I contiued with the conversions and the painting for my battle companies.

Elrond, Vanquisher of the Necromancer
Pict 337: Elrond, Vanquisher of the Necromancer
Elrond, Vanquisher of the Necromancer
Pict 338: Elrond, Vanquisher of the Necromancer
Sauruman, Vanquisher of the Necromancer
Pict 339: Sauruman, Vanquisher of the Necromancer
Sauruman, Vanquisher of the Necromancer
Pict 340: Sauron, Vanquisher of the Necromancer

As part of the Rivendell miniatures this week, I also finally finished Elrond, Vanquisher of the Necromancer. I do like the pose, but I think he could use some more support to stick to his base. Additionally the Elven blade seems oddly short - I think were I to paint him again, I might change it.
Saruman's pose is very exaggerated, it's all right I think, but there are definitly better ones. After this one though I wont be touching a brush to one anytime soon, since painting the white robes was quite the drag. Now I'm only missing Galadriel to finish the diorama, but I did't have the heart to get going on her robes after Saruman's. I then might add some other miniatures to round out the scene - Radagast on sleigh comes to mind and of course the Keeper of the Dungeons.

Naal, Noldor Captain
Pict 341: Naal, Noldor Captain
Naal, Noldor Captain
Pict 342: Naal, Noldor Captain
Rivendell Objective Marker
Pict 343: Rivendell Objective Marker
Next up are the miniatures I painted for my Rivendell battle company. I already showed the conversion for my Sargent Naal last week and he was in fact layered and highlighted super fast. I cant wait to get him to a table and encounter new adventures.
The objective marker was made in case I on of my heroes will roll the "Lost in Battle" result on the injury table and I have to play the scenario to recover them. The miniature is from the Rivendell Knight kit and due to it's sizeable cape it didn't really fit on the base I wanted it to - with it's 50mm base now, it is a bit big for a normal objective.

Gundabad Orc Warrior (Conversion)
Pict 344: Gundabad Orc Warrior (Conversion)
Gundabad Orc Warrior (Conversion)
Pict 345: Gundabad Orc Warrior (Conversion)
And lastly here is my first Gundabad Orc Warrior. Right now he's still missing his shield because I didnät have one on hand. I converted the miniaure from a spare Troll Brute's driver by cutting of the right leg at the knee and hip as well as the head and the right arm. After pinning it back together in the pose I envisioned, I scuplted a new tabbard and filled the gaps with green stuff. The hands are both from the Gundabad Berserker kit - I only bent the sword with hot water.
I really enjoyed converting these last weeks, but I think the hobby time in the weeks to come will have to be focused on painting to get the different battle companies ready fot battle (and those Tyranids keep on looking at me from their place on the desk...).