Sunday 17 March 2024

Great Fangorn Forest to high Orthanc hill, shall come against him

Six more miniatures finished to show this time around: I painted up Quickbeam the Ent for a tournament coming up in April and then put the finishing touches on a squad of Infinity minatures I had laying around from last year.

Quickbeam the Ent
Pict 1426: Quickbeam the Ent
Pict 1427: Quickbeam
Pict 1428: Quickbeam

First up is Quickbeam, one of the newer models available for the Middle-earth Strategy Battle Game. I am really happy with the different tones I managed to put on him to change up the somewhat monotonous brown you often see on Ents. The 3d sculpted texture was a bit bland for my taste, but once the green flock was on he really came together.

Ghulam Infantry, Kaplans, Al'Hawwa
Pict 1429: Ghulam Infantry, Kaplans, Al'Hawwa

These Infinity miniatures were another project that got left behind last year. After watching the new Dune movie I got the itch to finish them. They were only missing the faces and some highlights and the finishing touches were done over a few weekday evenings. I'm pretty happy with them and there are a few more miniatures in my collection that would fit this Kaplan / Qapu Khalqi theme. But I fear, they will be postponed until I manage to get a game in.

Treebeard (WIP)
Pict 1430: Treebeard (WIP)

For now, there are some more Middle-earth figures to do for an upcoming tournament in April. One of them is this treebeard here. Since Quickbeam went pretty quickly, I hope to finish Treebeard soon as well. Of course he's carrying Merry and Pippin who will need some more attention, but I'm looking forward to it!

Neferata on foot (Conversion)
Pict 1431: Neferata on foot (Conversion)
Neferata on foot (Conversion)
Pict 1432: Neferata on foot (Conversion)

Lastly, whilst I had some green stuff mixed up to fill the gaps on Treebeard, I also finished this conversion of Neferata on foot. Since last I showed her, I filled the gaps between the two kits I used and resculpted parts of the skirt that were damaged during the construction. Hardest was to figure out how to connect the long and flowing sleeves to the back of her dress (the mounted version hides this with her throne). I'm pretty happy with the result and look forward to painting her!


  1. Nice touches on Quickbeam. Neferata looks like she is progressing nicely. Is she one of those slow burn projects?

    1. Cheers!
      Yes, Neferata is certainly one of those slow burn projects. I hope to paint her alongside some more miniatures of the Cursed City expansions this year, however.