Sunday, 30 August 2020

Ten Years After: The Island of Blood

As I said in my last post, I wanted to participate in the Skaven and High Elves Painting Challenge and with a bit more time during this week's evenings I not only managed to finish Prince Althran but also my conversion of the Island of Blood mage as well as some other bits and bobs.

High Elf Heros in Lustria
Pict 917: High Elf Heros in Lustria

Prince Althran on foot
Pict 918: Prince Althran on foot

High Elf Mage (Conversion)
Pict 917: High Elf Mage (Conversion)

I had quite a bit of fun painting these two and I'm looking forward to painting some more High Elves! Finishing Prince Althran did not take very long and I can see myself repeating the colours not only on heroes but also warriors. First I had to try and make the white work on a bigger surface - the converted Island of Blood mage seemed like a good enough test model. It was less masochistic than expected. I did the highlights on the white as the very last thing on the model and thus could smooth out any spots where I had not been quite as neat as I wanted.

Shadow Warrior (WIP)
Pict 920: Shadow Warrior (WIP)

I also started on a Shadow Warrior to implement the colours on a warrior instead of a hero. I don't plan on having a real army of high elves so I should be able to take my time and only paint the models I want to a high level.

Bandobras Tuk, Fredegar Bolger and Hobbit Militia
Pict 921: Bandobras Tuk, Fredegar Bolger and Hobbit Militia

After so much time in the Old World, I wanted to get back to my usual Middle-earth. And what better way to do that then painting a bunch of Hobbits. I had a version of Bandobras on foot for quite a while but never got around to the Bulllroarer on horseback. With him, I also pulled out the remainder of the hobbit militia I had in a box and of course Fatty Bolger, with no weapon other than is girth.

Uruk-Hai Warrior and Raven
Pict 922: Uruk-Hai Warrior and Raven

My friend over at smallthingsmodelling also donated a crossbow to the Isengard cause as well as a raven. The former was promtly used to convert a second Uruk-hai Warrior. And the latter might get used as an animal compaintion in Rangers of Shadow Deep.

Adult Red Dragon Base (WIP)
Pict 923: Adult Red Dragon Base (WIP)

Lastly, I also did a bit more work on the Adult Red Dragon's base. With the gold on the coins, the next step will be  a lot of tidying up of the ground... After that: Only the gemstones and some other small details left now. The big problem will be the Dragon's paws - I haven't quite decided on how I'll paint the big scales and the claws...


  1. Oh wow, loving the dragon base! That is some serious loot! Smaug would be jealous. I actually bought the Island of Blood as an introduction to WFB. Never actually played a game and ended up giving it away. Looking at your minis, maybe I should have kept it!

    1. Yes, those Island of Blood models are amazing! I sold most of mine when I sold my high elf army, but I plan on searching for the models on eBay for this new iteration of the army.

  2. lol, Fatty Bolger, the unsung hero of LotR. I thought it might be the Scouring of the Shire but Bullroarer is a figure of legend isn't he?

    1. Fatty Bolger, the man, the myth, the legend! Yes, the Bullroarer is from earlier in the Third Age - the one who clubbed Golfimbul the Orc so hard, his head flew of and the game of golf was invented!