Sunday, 12 February 2017

One more Iron Hills Dwarf and two more Gors

Last week has been quite the week... So there was not to much progress on the painting table as only one miniature got done. But at least I got the first layers of paint on two more Gors. So here's what the picter caught:

Ironhills Dwarf Warrior
Pict 058: Iron Hills Warrior

Ironhills Dwarf Warrior
Pict 059: Iron Hills Warrior

Ironhills Dwarf Warrior
Pict 060: Iron Hills Warrior

So there are three pictures showing the only progress I got done on my Iron Hills army. I had hoped to finish all six remaining Warriors and to then take my time with Dáin. But since only one Warrior was done I will have to wait a litte longer for Dáin. This particular pose might be my favourite one; thrusting the spear instead of forming a shieldwall makes the model more dynamic and look more active. Seeing the pictures I might go and touch up the face, but since it's only a rank and file warrior I might just let it go. As I write this, paint on the other five is drying so expect to see them next sunday!

Gor und Bestigor Age of Sigmar Warhammer
Pict 061: Gor and Bestigor (WIP)

And here is a picture of the Gors I started this week. With already the main colours blocked in and a wash of Agrax Earthshade all over them, they are coming together and should not take to long. As with the last Gor they will more likely be used for Dungeons and Dragons than for a game of Age of Sigmar. That's why I used some leftover Bestigor bits to build one of the Gors with a two-handed weapon and the other with two handweapons - which were be a problem if I wanted to play the ten Gors as a legal unit in Age of Sigmar there would be a problem. But with the variety added I will hopefully get to throw my players in DnD some curveballs.


  1. Love the dwarf! He is awesome!

    1. Thank you! Forge World puts out great models to work with.