Sonntag, 26. Februar 2017

The Luna Wolves Legion Champion

So this week was rather good painting wise - I got to paint a little bit almost every evening and had a great tuesday afternoon paining session with a friend.

Pict 068: Luna Wolves Legion Champion

Pict 069: Luna Wolves Legion Champion

Pict 070: Luna Wolves Legion Champion

Pict 071: Luna Wolves Legion Champion

So here's the first thing I got done this week: my Luna Wolves Legion Champion. I just love the model and since he came in a pack with the Master of Signals I just had to have it. I do like the look of the blade that comes with the model but what's better than a giant chainsword? The hardest part of this miniature was to get the transfer into the space on the left shoulder pad. Once I get around to paint on the red markings onto all of the army I'll be sure to put some onto the heavy chainblade. I will only have to make sure that they don't look to much like White Scars.

Pict 072: Luna Wolves Tactical Marine

Pict 073: Luna Wolves Tactical Marine

Other than thae Legion Champion I also finished the second Tactical Marine. Pretty much the same as with the first one. I really like the faceplate on this one and standing together the white Marines do look rather nice. I very much look forward to having the Tactical Squad finished and taking a group photo.

Pict 074: Gor and Bestigor

Next up are the Gor and the Bestigor, that I had promised for the previous sunday. I added a little bit of blood onto the off hand weapon of the normal Gor - with the next batch I even might try and put some drops onto the base.

Pict 075: Bestigor and Gor (WIP)

Speaking of them: here is a picture of the next two Beastmen I just today got my hands on. I hope to finish the ten from the box, so that I can call this litte project done and move onto some more miniatures, that I want for my DnD game. The next project is already on its way from Forge World but more on that later.

Pict 076: Dáin (WIP 2)

Pict 077: Dáin on Warboar (WIP 2)

Pict 078: Luna Wolves Tactical Marine (WIP)

The last three pictures for today show what I am working on at the moment besides the Beastmen. I already showed Dáin last week and not to much was done on him. At least I finished all the basecoats and the washes and I also have drybrushed his furcoat. As I've said on the one hand I want to take my time with him, on the other hand I want to finish up all the miniatures from the last shipment from Forge World before the next arrives and Dáin would be the last two. With the Goatrider out this weekend I had to get myself some of them. As with my next DnD project they are on their way from Forge World but have not yet arrived. I may do an extra post once they arrive to show all the resin goodies I got for myself.
The last picture is just an other Luna Wolves Tactical Marine. He's just before the shading stage and if I'm lucky I might get to that today. In one of my last postings I complained about the many layers of light grey and white it takes to achive to Luna Wolves armour, but right now I'm rather enjoying the meditative exercise. Let's hope it stayes that way throughout the year!


  1. Luna's are looking fantastic! Really nice work!

    1. Thanks! I'm looking forward to having a squad done and taking a group photo.