Sunday, 29 January 2017

A Luna Wolf, a Beastman and three conversions

This week was again not as productive as I wish my weeks to be. Nevertheless I finished the paintjob on two models. The first one I want to show of today is the first Space Marine for one of my 30k projects.
Luna Wolf Legionaire
Pict 38: Luna Wolves Tactical Marine

Luna Wolf Legionaire
Pict 39: Luna Wolves Tactical Marine

Luna Wolf Legionaire
Pict 040: Luna Wolves Tactical Marine

It's only a simple Mk IV Tactical from the Betrayel At Calth box, I painted up to be a Luna Wolf. The main visual inspiration was the cover art for False Gods. The Legion's symbol on the left shoulder is a deacal printed from the amazing sheets available on the Boler and Chainsword forum. Once the other 19 marines of the squad are painted up to this standart, I want to add sqaud markings on the right shoulder pad and maybe some of those red slashes the Luna Wolves show on the art work. I hope this will add some contrast since the white of the armour is a bit boring right now. If that wont help, I might add a bit of static grass to the base to get a splash of colour on the model.

Age of Sigmar Gor
Pict 041: Beastmen Gor

Age of Sigmar Gor
Pict 042: Beastmen Gor

Age of Sigmar Gor
Pict 043: Beastmen Gor

The next three pictures show jet an other little project. Since I really like Woodelves I also have a linking towards the Beastmen of the Warhammer universe. I think this is the third time I had some of them lying about ready for painting. The other two times I sold them off, but now I don't have the goal of painting a whole Warhammer army. This time there are only the ten that come in one box and I want to use them in my DnD game, to add some support to the goblin clan my players are fighting right now.

Thousand Sons Consul Librarian
Pict 044: Thousand Sons Consul (Conversion)

Luna Wolf Praetor
Pict 045: Luna Wolves Praetor (Conversion)

Thousand Sons Contemptor
Pict 046: Thousand Sons Contemtor Drednought (Conversion)

With the last three pitures of today I want to show of some more of my Betrayel at Calth box. With only a litte chopping you get some unique poses out of the characters. I'm not quite sure yet if the will stay the way they are now or if I will add or subtract some details. But I'm quite happy with them right now. What I will change though is the basing for the thousand sons. Insted of my usual coffee grounds I will use GW's Agrellan Badland. I bought a pot of the stuff last year for the base of a Dreadmaw and there is still quite a bit left.

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