Sunday, 1 January 2017

Introduction to 'A Butterfly's Hobby Tally'

A new year always seems to bring with it some good resolutions. In the past two years I vowed to paint more miniatures then I buy. Well, it takes less time to buy than it takes to paint a miniature, so naturally I did not succeed. But in both 2015 and 2016 I did keep an exact tally of the miniatures I painted and the miniatures I bought. In 2015 I bought 253 models and painted 152, whereas in 2016 I bought 494 models and painted a total of 228.
So the tally for 2016 is even worse than the year before, but this year I will change that!

My resolution for 2017 will be this blog. I want to use it for a similar purpose as my lists in the previous years (hence the name...). But I want to keep my record on this blog to a) add pictures of my miniatures and b) to add some urgency to my pledge.
The plan is to post pictures of finished models and work in progress shots of the projects I take on during the year. I'm not sure yet how I'll show off my new purchases, maybe a little write up, a picuture or even an unboxing.
To keep track of the numbers there will be a tally on the right hand side of the blog.

As far as the painting-projects for 2017 are concerned I am as of yet undecided. As always I want to decrease the amount of primed models I have lying around in boxes, but I am shoure there will be shiny new things to come out. My main project right now is a army of Iron Hills Dwarfs for the LotR / Hobbit / Middle-Earth Strategy Battle Game. Right now the army consists of Dain on foot and riding his warboar, twelve normal warriors and a Ballista. And to reward anyone reading, here is a picture of the pointing Ironhills Dwarf that comes with the Ballista as well as a WIP shot of the Ballista itself.

Iron Hills Captain
Pict 001: Iron Hills Captain (Ballista)

Iron Hills Ballistae
Pict 002: Iron Hills Ballista (WIP)

The Ballista is almost done; there will be some more highlighting done on the metals and maybe a little on the wood. Other than that what's obviously missing are the three crewmen. I will glue them onto the Ballista or the base of the model and not have them on seperate Bases. Not quite sure where to put them yet - the back where the two crew are operating the loading mechnism seems rather crowded...

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