Sunday, 15 January 2017

Second Week of 2017 - not much done, so here's some work in progress shots

Just a quik one today. The week was quite hectic and I did't get much painting done until today. Thus I haven't finished any new miniatures this week. But I still want to post some pictures to report on my progress.

The first work in progess only shows more Iron Hills Dwarfs. The main base colours are down, only the leather is missing. I'll try and do that and put a wash on them today. I know they look sloppy rigth now but once washed and highlighted that shouldn't be a problem. If they were heros, I'd touch up the base but since they are only warriors that step won't be necessary.

Iron Hills Warriors (WIP)
Pict 013: Iron Hills Warriors (WIP)

The next picture shows the project I've been workin on whenever I had to wait for the paint on the dwarfes to dry: my Chaplain Dreadnought. I just had to have the model, even if my Flesh Tearers can't use them without allying. If I ever get to use it in game I might use him as a Death Company Dreadnought or even as my stand in for Cassor the Dammned.
The base colours are down here as well, but since he's a bigger miniature I think I get go the extra step and tidy up a bit before I get to the washes. Anyway, here it is:

Fleshtearers Chaplain Dreadnought
Pict 014: Flesh Tearers Chaplain Dreadnought (WIP)

Also: Besides a box of Betrayel at Calth, today I shot quite the lot on Ebay. Once it arrives I'll put up a post to show it off. Suffice it to say, I'll have some painting to do to catch up with my tally. (And it looked so good for a while...)

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