Sonntag, 5. März 2017

The Army of the Iron Hills (and some of their Allies)

So this week I can finally present you the first stage of my Iron Hills army completed. With Dáin, a Ballista and 12 warriors I have about 400 points playable.

Pict 079: The Iron Hills Army (Start of March)

The only miniatures I had to finish this week for the completion of the army were Dáin Ironfoot, both on foot and mounted. This I achieved with the painting time in the evenings this week - the mounted model just in time on the friday because I had more games with the army lined up on saturday.

Pict 080: Dáin Ironfoot

Pict 081: Dáin Ironfoot

Pict 082: Dáin Ironfoot

Pict 083: Dáin Ironfoot

I'm rather happy that I finished Dáin - not only is he the leader of my army and the last miniature to complete the first 400 points. He is also the last miniature I had to paint to finish up all the miniatures I bought with my last order from Forge World - so now I'm ready for the next! It should early next week and I'm looking forward to start work on some Goatriders to build up my army to 500 points, ready to fight in tournaments!

Pict 084: Dáin Ironfoot mounted on Warboar

Pict 085: Dáin Ironfoot mounted on Warboar

Pict 086: Dáin Ironfoot mounted on Warboar

Pict 087: Dáin Ironfoot mounted on Warboar

As I said I played some games on saturday. We agreed on 500 points to get a grip on our armies for a tournament in late april. Since only 400 points of Iron Hills were painted, I had to ally in something. I toyed with the idea of using Thranduil, King of Mirkwood for a Battle of the five Armies theme (more on that later) but settled on Young Balin and Young Dwalin for a Battle of Azanulbizar army. Next up are a picture of my and my opponents army ready for battle.

Pict 088: Iron Hills Army with Young Balin and Young Dwalin

Pict 089: Army of Spiders with the Spiderqueen and Drûzhag

Since I planned to ally in Thranduil, I painted him up on wednesday and thursday evening. I really like the scuplt; my only complaint is the sword - even after several bending attempts under hot water, it still is a little bend away from the miniature. But fortunately that's only noticable when viewed directly from the top.

Pict 090: Thranduil. King of Mirkwood

Pict 091: Thranduil, King of Mirkwood

While tossing around ideas for forces that would ally with the Iron Hills, I not only had the young dwarfs in mind, but also the warriors that were present at the battle of Azanulbizar. Thus I bought a box of Grimhammers on a whim and already started to paint them.

Pict 092: Grimhammers (WIP)

I do like the poses and the fact that they are mostly metal because that means they paint up rather quickly. Everything you see on the picutre above was done on saturday evening and sunday morning. The basecoats are down and everything is washed. What's left to do is highlighting and picking out some details. I can see me do this on monday and tuesday evening, but we'll see what the next week brings (I might get distracted by the order from Forge World).


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    1. Thank you! The Goat Riders arived today, so it'll grow within the next days.