Sunday, 19 March 2017

Death (Rat)tle and a lot of stuff built

So despite having a lot to do in real-life, I got a bit of painting and quite a bit of building done.

Warhammer Skeletons and Mantic undead Rats
Pict 098: Skeleton Warriors and Undead Rats

So first up are three skeletons from Warhammer 5th edition and their pet rats. I really like the two undead rats; they are from Mantic and I think I got them with some eBay lot. I love the idea of a young wizard with a pet rat. One day the rat died. the wizard snapped and turned to necromancy to bring the rat back. As you can see two of the skeletons are a bit damaged, but I was to lazy to search for the missing parts or replacements. I figured that reanimated corpses should defend themselves without the use of a shield. And if not you can always raise more!
The skeletons will be the start of a Death AoS army (so that I have one from every great alliance) but I don't know what I'd run these rats as. Maybe they will only be markers. Charactefull models nonetheless.

Warhammer Giant Rats
Pict 099: Giant Rats

Next up are more rats. This time they are alive at least. The miniatues from 1998 still hold quite the char, I'd only wish they had different poses. I used different colours for every one at least whilst highlighting. Since I mainly used drybrushing for that, they were painted in one evening while working on some other painting projects.

Lunar Wolves Tactival Marine Commanders
Pict 100: Luna Wolves Tactical Marine Commanders

Next are some pictures of the miniatures I built this week. Above are the Command Marines for my Luna Wolves Tactical Squads. I like having 20 Marines in a squad for a change and it fits the lore of the Luna Wolves, so that's what I'm doing for my troops choices. What's missing with nearly all of the models I built is the Green Stuff work and bending under some hot water as you can see with the vexilla on the right.

Ironhills Goatriders Dismounts
Pict 101: Iron Hill Goat Rider Dismounts

Ironhills / Gundabad Objective Markers
Pict 102: Iron Hills / Gundabad Objective Markers

Here are the last Iron Hills Dwarfs I will build for this batch. I might add the second Command pack later in the year, because that Banner looks amazing, but we'll see. The other picture shows objective markers I made from the left over shields of the guys above. Since I will use them as dismounts for my Goat Riders they wont need the shields. I also added Gundabad Berserker weapons on some of the bases, so that I will be able to use them for either my Iron Hills or my Gundabad army.

Gundabad Ogres Hobbit SBG
Pict 103: Gundabad Ogres

Gundabad Berserkers Hobbit SBG
Pict 104: Gundabad Berserkers

Hunter Orcs Hobbit SBG
Pict 105: Hunter Orcs

Speaking of Gundabad, here are the Ogres, the Berserkers, and some Hunter Orcs. I bought the hunter orcs to bolster my nubers with the Gundabads beacuse the Ogres and Berserkers are quite expensive pointswise so that the force will be broken quite fast. I had some practice games on satuday and was not really to happy with them. It might just be that painted miniature perform better, but nevertheless there will be some tweaking with the list. I'm eyeing the Goblin Mercenaries and the War Bats but there are no models released by Forge World yet. But I will do some testing with the Goblintown Goblins that I have, to see wether or not they would work.
The bases are just made out of some cardboard that I cut to shape. I will paint them up like the floor in Dol Guldur and add some fallen leaves. I might experiment with snow as a contrast, but I'm not sure yet.

Age of Sigmar Skin Wolves
Pict: Skin Wolves

Andd the last picture of the day shows three Skin Wolves. I love the miniatures Forge World produced here and I was rather surprised by their size. They come with 60mm bases and fill them well but with enough space to fancy them up a bit. I'm not sure how I will do that, since I'm not even sure what army they are going to be a part of.

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