Sunday, 26 March 2017

Grimmhammers and a whole lot more done!

This last week was really quite productive. I managed to almost double my tally of painted mininatures from 34 up to 60! I finished the Grimhammers monday evening and had the time over the following evenings to get to some minions for my DnD game.

Grimhammers Hobbit SBG
Pict 107: Grimhammers
So as advertised, here are the Grimhammers. I was rather happy to have them done - now I can field a full warbad with either young Dwalin or young Balin. I'm sure I will paint some more to play the scenarios from There And Back Again. The other heros for Thror's Army are primed in a box and I want to do right by them, so I will wait until inspiration strikes to start with them. Once I paint more Grimhammers I might try and highlight the metals individualy and not drybrush as I did here - I am not convinced that the drybrush saved me that much time.

Dragonborn Warrior
Pict 108: Reptus Skullbasher

Dragonborn Warrior
Pict 109: Reptus Skullbasher
 Next up is one of the Reptus Skullbashers. I painted him up as a bronze dragonborn and I'm really happy with the bronze scales. The orange for the loin cloth was chosen by chance, but I do like the contrast with the rest of the miniature.

Warhammer Skeleton and Giant Spider
Pict 110: Skeletons (5. ed.) and Giant Spiders

Warhammer Snakes
Pict 111: Giant Snakes
And the last two pictures show the minions I painted for DnD. Most of my sunday was spent running a great group of friends through a dungeon filled with goblins. Sadly I overprepared (as ususal) and none of the above actually saw the tabletop.

Other than the painting I spent my hobby time with basing, filling gaps and priming the stuff I build during the last two weeks. With a Hobbit tournament at the end of april fast approaching, I will most likely focus on the rest of the Iron Hills and the Gundabad Army.

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