Monday, 1 May 2017

A Dwarf, Monsters, Animals and Schicksalspfade

This week was quite sucessfull with over ten miniatures painted or repainted. The main focus was the session of DnD I hosted on the saturday.

Dungeons and Dragons Dwarf Barbarian DnD D'n'D
Pict 148: Male Dwarf Fighter (Barbarian)

Dungeons and Dragons Dwarf Barbarian DnD D'n'D
Pict 149: Male Dwarf Fighter (Barbarian)

First up is a miniatrue for one of the heroes. One of my friends decided he wanted to play a dwarf barbarian and so I was on the lookout for a fitting miniature (Gimli as a stand-in is cool but not quite the same...). I imideatly liked the dwarven fighter by WizKids and with the agressive pose and the fur on his back he would be make for a nice barbarian. The moldlines were not as bad on this miniature as on some others in the WizKids unpainted line. The highlights on the blue cloth seem a bit harsh on the picture - in person they are more suttle.

Grell (Ral Partha) and Fledermausschwarm (Armalion) DnD D'n'D
Pict 150: Grells (Ral Partha) and Batswarm (Armalion)

Dungeons and Dragons Animals D'n'D DnD
Pict 151: Blood Hawk, Frog, Badger, Fox and Bat
Next up are some monsters and some animals I painted for the game. The monsters (two Grells by Ral Partha and a Batswam by Armalion) have not yet been pittet against the heroes. And the animals (a Blood Hawk from a Woodelf, a frog from the 5th edition Morgiana and the badger, fox and bat from WizKids) were also not needed, because the druid of the party is still learning the ropes and not quite ready to transform. Nonetheless now there are more options! The batswarm is mounted on a 40mm base, so that I can use him with my Moria Goblins in games of Middle Earth SBG.

Almadaner Magnat, Al'Anfanischer Meuchler, Borongeweihte, Rabengardistin
Pict 152: Schicksalspfade Heroes

Almadaner Magnat, Al'Anfanischer Meuchler, Borongeweihte, Rabengardistin
Pict 153: Schicksalspfade Heroes
And lastly I present you with four heroes for the game Schicksalspfade. I use them as heroes in the DnD game since I painted them some time ago when Schicksalspfade was released. I decided to rework them - new resinbase, eyes and better shading - now that they are in use. Getting the miniatures of their original bases was quite hard with the ones that have robes to the ground, beacuse the miniatures have a large bit of metal to keep them upright without pinning. I bought pretty much all of the rules availiable for Schicksalspfade and I hope to use the miniatures for their intended game once the opportunity strikes!

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