Sunday, 14 May 2017

Focusing on Schicksalspfade but the Goats are not forgotten

So last week I didn't post an update since nothing really was done. Fortunately this week I got back into the swing of things and managed to paint quite a bit for the game Schicksalspfade. Other than that I finished three goats and with that only one Goatrider is missing the goat.

Garether Entdecker
Pict 154: Garethian Explorer

Nostrische Söldnerin
Pict 155: Nostrian Mercenary
First up are the two heroes I painted or Schicksalspfade. The first one is an explorer from the realm of Gareth, the second a mercenary from the small kingdom of Nostria. I might still change a little bit with the explorer because right now there is almost no blue (the faction's colour) on him. Btu this way he looks good on any DnD table too. The mercenary was a joy to paint - her face really came out great!

Schicksalspfade Türen
Pict 156: Schicksalspfade Doors

Schicksalspfade Beutemarker
Pict 157: Schicksalspfade Objective Markers
Secondly here are some more pieces for Schicksalspfade. The first picture are the doors that I showed some time ago as WIPs - they are now done, waiting to spruce up some dungeons. The objective markers are really nice as well. They are a bit more varied than I normally have them with Warhammer or the Hobbit SBG. The only nuissance was the gold colour on the coins. I hadn't used it in a while and thus the pigment and the medium had separated quite well...

Ironhills Goat Riders
Pict 158: Iron Hills Goat Rider

Ironhills Goat Riders
Pict 159: Iron Hills Goat Rider
And here is one of the finished Goatriders. Nothing really more to say on them - they are still amazing miniatures and I very much look forward to finishing the army. As soon as the army is complete I will make some nice pictures of the army but before that I will show the Goat Riders once they are all completet.

Finally: I bought a Behir do counter all the planned dragons in DnD. But since it is not yet fully assembled I wont show it just yet.

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