Sunday, 28 May 2017

600+ Points of Iron Hills Dwarfes all done!

This week, I wanted to focus on finishing some projects instead of starting a bunch of new ones like I did last week. To this end I finished my Iron Hills Dwarves for the Middle Earth SBG.

Ironhills Bannerbearer Hobbit SBG
Pict 169: Iron Hills Banner Bearer

Ironhills Bannerbearer Hobbit SBG
Pict 170: Iron Hills Banner Bearer

Ironhills Bannerbearer Hobbit SBG
Pict 171: Iron Hills Banner Bearer

First up is the Iron Hills Banner Bearer. I doubt that he will see many battles, but it's a really nice model and it came with the Captain, a miniature I wanted to have. I had a little bit of a struggle again with the old Citadel gold paints - I'm thinking of getting the newer ones in hopes of a better mixture of pigment and medium. Other that that he painted up just like the rest of them.

Ironhills Goatrider Dismounts Hobbit SBG
Pict 172: Iron Hills Goat Rider Dismounts
Next up are the remaining dismounts for the Goat Rides. With these done I finally painted all of the Iron Hills Dwarves I currently own. With the Chariot up for sale and the  Dwaves with crossbows anounced at Warhammer Fest, I'm pretty sure that the army as it stands now will grow.

Ironhills Army Lord of the Ringes
Pict 173: Iron Hills Army (600+ Points)
Lastly here is a picture of the Iron Hills Army so far. When adding up, the army clockes in at around 600 points - excluding the banner bearer for now because he doesn't really fit into the warbands. In tournament settings the effectivity highly depends on scenarios played, since it is really immobile. The main focus is the Ballista and it will mainly stay as far back as it can to get as many rounds of shooting as possible. The really mobile part of the force, the Goat Riders and Dáin, also have to stay back to protect the Ballista since they will die rather fast as a vanguard.
With this as a base I see several ways to develop the force. I might add that chariot and some more Goat Riders (maybe even the characters on goats?) and thus get a more mobile force. I could also go down the infantry road and just get more Dwarves - ideally with sword and shield or with crossbows. More Captains might be
We'll see what ForgeWorld releases and what I fancy then. First in line though might be the new 40k starter box


  1. I think the banner might be worth a try if you don't use that many infantry and thus have a lower defence.
    In a Infantry only army it might not be needed as the high armour value will keep you alive. But winning fights with your goats is important and will keep them alive. Maybe it's worth a try.

    1. I will certainly givt the banner bearer a try! -I therorize: To have the Goats profit from him as well means I'm even more immobile, beacause 3'' is not that far and for the points of one bannerbearer, I could get three normal dwarves. But the bonus might pay for itself - only a few games will tell.