Sunday, 25 June 2017

All the Hunter Orc Heroes (Tournament Army)

During the evenings this week, I continued the painting of the Hunter Orc Heroes. And with Yazneg and Bolg done, I finished all heroes of the army!

Pict 195: Hunter Orc Heroes
This first picutre shows all the Hunter Orc heroes I painted over the last weeks. I had to get the finished because I played them in a tournament on this sunday. They made for quite a funny all hero army with lots of might to throw around. Since we were going to play four scenarios that heavily depended on strong heroes, I was fancying my chances.
Sadly, I didn't even get to play the army. Since I never got to pick and choose whether I wanted to use my evil or my good army. I'll be looking forward to getting them on the table in the future!

Pict 196: Yazneg mounted

Pict 197: Yazneg mounted

Pict 198: Yazneg

Pict 199: Yazneg
The first miniature I painted this week was Yazneg of whom I showed a WIP last week. I really like the scuplt of the orc and the warg, but this particular one had quite a few air bubbles, esspecially on the underside of his bone-carapace. Those were not to big of a problem however - other than the bubbles that had formed on the paws Yazneg is using as gloves. Some of the claws on there were missing all together. I tried and fixed this with a little green stuff and the paint job and I'm pleased with the way the mini came together.

Pict 200: Bolg mounted

Pict 201: Bolg mounted

Pict 202: Bolg

Pict 203: Bolg
The only hero I was missing for the tournament was Bolg on his warg. The models are not my favourites (the warg is to long and its snout is to big), but the profile is really quite good in the game. Nevertheless I'd like to see an alternate sculpt by Forge World, but there is only slim hope for that. Also: looking at the pictures now, I'm not that satisfied with his blind eye. I might just make it a little smaller and put in some more shadow around it to differentiate it some more from the sorrounding skin.

Next up will be more Hunter Orcs - I'm planning to use them in the German Championship at the end of July. Other than that there's still the Keeper of the Dungeons who will fit with my Dol Guldur theme.
But I  will be distracted because this week also saw the arrival of the Dark Imperium box...

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