Sunday, 11 June 2017

Thorin and Azog - Mortal Enemies

This week I continued the work on the Hunter Orc heroes but I got a little bit distracted with a certain young Dwarf prince.

Azog, Thorin Oakenshield
Pict 182: Azog (WIP), Young Thorin

Junger Thorin Eichenschild
Pict 183: Young Thorin Oakenshield

Junger Thorin Eichenschild
Pict 184: Young Thorin Oakenshield

First up is said Dwarf Prince, the young Thorin Oakenshield. I don't think the sculpt is as great as the young Balin and young Dwalin, but it's still great. Since I took a bit of  a pause from painting at the beginning of the week I had some difficulties with his face - I'm still not quite satisfied with the eyes but I wont do them a fourth time. The comanding pose is a litte awkward, because usually you'd expect the miniature facing the enemy, but this Thorin doesn't even have to. The profile is vey similar to the other Thorins - obviously he can't take Orcrist but the ability to raise the strength of nearby Dwarves may change a combat phase. Especially when paired with Iron Hills Dwarves who will all go to strengh 5.

Azog der Schänder (WIP)
Pict 185: Azog (WIP)

Azog der Schänder (WIP)
Pict 186: Azog (WIP)

Once I finished Thorin, I had to get started on his foil - Azog the Defiler. I really like the miniature and think even tough it's made from finecast it still holds it's own against the ForgeWorld characters. Nevertheless I can't wait, what they have in store for us with the armoured version and the signal tower. Right now Azog is still quite WIP - the basecolours and the washes are on; next is the highlighting. I really want to do right by the sculpt - all those little details like the lines on the skin just wait to be picked out.

Next week I'll try to work on some more of the Hunter Orc herose to get them out of the way and start batchpainting the troops. But since I pre-ordered the new edition of 40k I might veer of the path...

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