Sunday, 27 September 2020

New Bases for Mordor

Just a quick update post to show the new bases I put onto my Mordor army. Not that much work but a great distraction for one quarter of an hour every evening.

Mordor Army (new bases)
Pict 929: Mordor Army (new bases)

My Mordor originally had all black bases with a bit of grey drybrushed ontop to create some interest. But with the Dark Marshal of last week, I tried a new basing scheme. They should be closer to the other armies I have, especially Isengard, so that I have the option to mix in some Orcs into Sauruman's army. And having grass on the bases just feels right. In any case they are less bland.

Looking at the Orcs again I really like the models and the colours I used... With Quest of the Ringbearer on the horizon, I might try and paint some more for an Cirith Ungol army? We'll see what takes my fancy.

Sunday, 20 September 2020

MESBG: The Dark Marshall and WHFB: Shadow Warriors

 Just a quick post today - hobby time is somewhat at a premium these days. But I still managed to paint up another named Nazûl. This time the Dark Marshall. Other than that I did a bit more work on the High Elf Shadow Warriors, finishing one and starting on the base coats of the rest of the group.

The Dark Marshal
Pict 924: The Dark Marshal
The Dark Marshal
Pict 925: The Dark Marshal
The Dark Marshal
Pict 926: The Dark Marshal

As you can see, he's very similar to the other Ringwraiths I already painted. They are all basically a humanoid form in a dark shroud with varying degrees of armour. I was happy to snatch this model up in metal to match my other wraiths that are also all in metal and not in Finecast.

I also decided to try out a differnt basing scheme for my Mordor army. It irks me that I can't use my Mordor Orcs with my Isengard army and so I'm considering to change up the bases on my Mordor. The grass is not quite the same - Rohan grass being a bit to lush for my Mordor taste. But this should my not as noticable.

Shadow Warrior
Pict 927: Shadow Warrior

Here is the first of the Shadow Warriors finished. I quite like how he came out even if it's only the orange tabbard connecting him to the scheme of the wider army. The Shadow Warriors should be able to set themselves apart a bit.

Alith Anar and Shadow Warriors (WIP)
Pict 928: Alith Anar and Shadow Warriors (WIP)

Lastly a quick WIP: the rest of the Shadow Warriors from the 7th edition box and of course Alith Anar to lead them into battle. Always great to have an infantry model shooting arrows using the bolt thrower mechanics in game.