Sunday, 18 August 2019

Finally back in Middle-earth. Painting Rangers

This week I found my way back into Middle-earth with some Rangers of the North that I want to play in a big tournament next month.

Rangers of the North
Pict 711: Rangers of the North
Rangers of the North
Pict 712: Rangers of the North
I very much like these miniatures from late in the Lord of the Rings era of the game. But mostly I really enjoyed converting them. Since last I showed them, they sat accusingly on my desk, demanding attention. But since I was distacted by Haqqislam miniatures, they had to wait. In all ernest though, my painting queue is highly influenced by the games I play and now that my dryspell with the Middle-earth SBG is broken, I'm back to painting for it again.

Halbarad on Horse (Conversion)
Pict 713: Halbarad on Horse (Conversion)

As I said at the top, I want to play my Rangers in an upcoming tournament and to boost their effectiveness, I want to field Halbarad with the Banner of Arwen Evenstar on horseback. GW never released that particular model, so I had to go chop one up in the name of sience! He's pretty much only stuck together right now and I will have to fill in the gaps with green stuff as the next step.

Halbarad with Banner (WIP)
Pict 714: Halbarad with Banner (WIP)
  And since I'll want a model without the horse in case he looses it, I started painting one. The basecolours are down now and he's waiting for the washes and highlights. I mostly refenced the other Halbarad I already painted but they have somewhat differing armour so that I had to improvise a bit. He seems to have stolen his breastplate from the elves of Lorien but I didn't want him in shiny golden armour and went with lether instead.

Pict 715: Victor
Pict 716: Victor

And lastly, of course, I have one more D&D miniature. This time it's Victor, the somewhat insane blackpowder merchant from campaign one of Critical Role.

Sunday, 11 August 2019

Fear not! The Azra'il have arrived to protect your Silk

This week was another foray into Haqqislam. I managed to finish the two Azra'il, that I started a while back as well as some more Infantry to further bulk out my roster.

Azra'il arrive to protect your Silk!
Pict 702: Azra'il arrive to protect your Silk!
Pict 703: Azra'il
Pict 704: Azra'il

First up have to be the Azra'il. I love the bulky suits of armour and the two different poses with the (somewhat overly) large guns. Following my usual recipe for Haqqislam I was able to get through the base colours and highlights on the greys and reds pretty fast. The beige armour however seemed to take forever to do. Getting all those little individual plates and leaving it darker in the recesses was quite a slog that I delayed for some time...

Odalisque, Hafza
Pict 705: Odalisque, Hafza
Odalisque, Hafza
Pict 706: Odalisque, Hafza

These two were also shown with the Azra'il. I don't really plan on playing them since I feel the Spitfire is a gun that a sturdier plattform that can take a bit of punishing when targeted by the enemy. But the two were the last miniatures I hadn't painted from the Qapu Khalqi Starter set, so it seemed like the right thing to do.

Hassassin Muyib, Asawira
Pict 707: Hassassin Muyib, Asawira
Hassassin Muyib, Asawira
Pict 708: Hassassin Muyib, Asawira

And here are some more miniatures, that have gotten new sculpts in the meantime. I quite like this old sculpt for the Asawira with Spitfire however. He will definitely be used wome time in the future while the Muyib again is more a completionist thing.

Bailey Silverbell, Dwarf Ranger
Pict 709: Bailey Silverbell, Dwarf Ranger
Bailey Silverbell, Dwarf Ranger
Pict 710: Bailey Silverbell, Dwarf Ranger

And lastly here is another miniature for D&D. I had a look at my miniature collection and decided that I didn't own enough female adventureres (especially non-human ones!) and thus was on the lookout for some more. This female dwarf made by Reaper Miniatures one I settled on and I enjoyed painting her. In retrospect the red cape might be a bit to much in the way of Little Red Riding Hood, but I like her nonetheless.