Sunday, 23 April 2017

Two Armies, but only little progress with the painting

So this week I didn't really have much time to paint. So I only finished one of the Goat Riders before the tournament today...

Goblintown and Azog's Legion Army
Pict 144: Goblintown and Allies

Iron Hills Dwarves Army
Pict 145: Iron Hills Dwarves

So the first two pictures are the armies I took to the tournament. With eight players the tournament was on the smaller side but I still got to meet a few new players. I ended up with one minor vitory, a minor loss and a major loss and thus made fith place. I happy with the result, learned something and will return to the next one with more experience and will strive for more!

Ironhills Goatrider
Pict 146: Iron Hills Goat Rider

And here is the one miniature I finished this week. As with the one last week the Goat is what really takes time and thus the other four are finished except for the Goats. I will try and finish them during the next week, but the priority is with some more critters and monsters for DnD, because I will host a game on saturday.

Fox Miniature
Pict 147: Fox (WIP)
And lastly: Here's a work in progress for one of the aforementioned critters. I started work on a fox, a badger, a bat and a frog to give the druid in the party some options to turn into animals. I want to paint some more goblinoids to drop onto the players as they explore an overtaken elven ruin.

Sunday, 16 April 2017

There's progress with the Iron Hills and even more DnD

This week was not as productive as the last few, but I did make some progress with the Iron Hills Goat Riders.

Ironhills Goat Rider
Pict 136: Iron Hills Goat Rider

Ironhills Goat Rider
Pict 137: Iron Hills Goat Rider

Ironhills Goat Rider
Pict 138: Iron Hills Goat Rider

Firstly I'm showing the first completet Iron Hills Goat Rider. I have to say I love these miniatures! Everything is clearly defined and paints up really nicely. I only struggled with the horns because they took so many layers of paint from so many angles to get them where I was happy with them. I'm pleased how he came out overall and look forward to having six painted up and on the table.

Dungeons and Dragons Pixies MIniatures
Pict 139: Woodelf Sprites (Pixies)

Next up are two more of the Woodelf Sprites that are on my desk right now. As before, they will be used as AoS markers and will double as Pixies for DnD.

Ironhills Goat Riders (WIP)
Pict 140: Iron Hills Goat Riders (WIP)
And here are the remaining five Goat Riders that I'm working on at the moment. The basecoats and washes are down, so I hope to finish them quickly. Not only because I need them painted on the coming sunday, but also to finish this part of the army. What's still missing then are the dismounts and the Warrior with the banner. Right now I don't think I'll be adding to the army but that might change as more options for the Warriors and more heroes are released.

Schicksalspfade Türe und Beutemarker
Pict 141: Schicksalspfade Doors and Markers (WIP)

Pict 142: Crates

The last pictures show the second half of the Dungeons and Dragons order for this month. The pieces that were originally produced for the game Schicksalspfade will mostly get used for DnD but I might give the game a try since I do have two little gangs. I never got around to reading the rules and thus never played the game. As you can see I already started painting the doors - every time a layer of paint was drying on the Goats, I quickly blocked in some colours here.

Pict 143: Wizkids Unpainted

And lastly, here are some more DnD miniatures. I was really intrigued by the rather new Wizkids Unpainted range and decided to give them a try. Having recieved the miniatures, I do have to say the sculpts are good but there are very nasty moldlines, that will have to be removed and some gaps that will have to be filled before I can actually start to paint. The coat of Vallejo primer looks like a good base to work from and I'll probably wont prime over that. I still wait on some GW bases for the Displacer Beasts and the Phase Spiders. But I do look forward to start painting some more minions.

Sunday, 9 April 2017

So much DnD, also Goblin Mercenary Conversions

 I had quite the productive week full of painting, converting, cleaning up and priming miniatures. The start of the week saw the arrival of a box full of DnD-miniatures and I just could not help myself and started painting some of them, even though I really should be working on the Dwarven cavallry for the tournament at the end of the month.

Dungeons and Dragons Owlbear Miniature
Pict 122: Owlbear and Cubs (Darksword Miniatures)
I searched quite long until I found a good owlbear miniature. So when I found this one made by Darksword Miniatures I was overjoyed esspecially because of the adorable cubs that came with it. The three were part of the order that came this week and as you can see, I simply had to paint them. I chose to paint them purple as the owlbears are shown in the Monster Manual - it showes that they are magical creatures - rather than using pictures of real bears and owls.

Hobbit SBG Goblin Mercenaries
Pict 123: Goblin Mercenaries (Conversions)

Hobbit SBG Goblin Mercenaries
Pict 124: Goblin Mercenaries (Conversions)
Next up are the Goblin Mercenaries I mentioned in the title. I wanted to convert some for my Azog's Legion to have them for the tournaments to come. I made a mold  of a Moria goblin's shield and after I had about 15 copies I cut them up and used them, to put armour on some Goblintown goblins. The goblin in front of the others standing a little higher will be the Captain to lead this warband.

eBob Villagers
Pict 125: Henry Goatleaf and Barliman Butterbur (eBob)

Next are the other two townspeople made by eBob. I really enjoyed painting the cloth; the folds are very well modelled. I had my difficulties with the hands and the faces but I think are alright now.

Beastmen Age of Sigmar
Pict 126: Gor and Bestigor

Dungeons and Dragons Boggle
Pict 127: Woodelf Sprites (Boggles)

On the AoS front I finally painted another Gor and a Bestigor as well as two Woodelf sprites. The former were simply done as the ones before. With these two finished I have five and thus half are painted. The latter really are only markers, but I think I will use them in DnD games as Boggles to annoy the players with chaotic fey.

Dungeons and Dragons Mimic Miniatrue
Pict 128: Mimic (Reaper Miniatures)

Dungeons and Dragons Mimic Miniature
Pict 129: Mimic (Reaper Miniatures)

Dungeons and Dragons Gelatinous Cube Miniature
Pict 130: Gelatinous Cube (Reaper Bones)

Pict 131: Gelatinous Cube (Reaper Bones)
Speaking of DnD: I also completed two Reaper minis - a Mimic and a Gelatious Cube - two of the really iconic DnD monsters. With the Mimic I hope to keep my players on edge with every treasure chest they encounter, while the Cube will serve to trap and dissolve them. (Well, hopefully it wont be that bad, I still want to get a good story out of the game and prefer to not loose friends.)
The translucent cube was really something new for me and I'm not sure if it needs a litte more work.

Pict 132: New DnD Miniatures

Umber Hulk Miniature
Pict 133: Umber Hulk (DnD Collector's Series)

Eye Tyrant Miniature Beholder
Pict 134: Eye Tyrant (DnD Collector's Series)

And with the last three photos I present you the other DnD miniatures that came in this last box. I loved the Eye Tyrant as soon as I saw a picture of it in 2012 when it was released. Now I finally own one! But it still needs some more work with the green stuff. The other miniatures of the DnD Collector's Series by Gale Force 9 are amazing as well and I hope to get to them once the Hobbit SBG armies are finished.
Also pictured are two Grells made by Ral Partha quite some time ago and a batswarm made for Armalion. I also got myself Lem the iconic Halfling Bard made by Reaper for Pathfinder. I really like the character the miniature radiates and do look forward to painting it.

Monday, 3 April 2017

Another Iron Hills Captain, Objective Markers and a creepy fellow...

So it seems the last few weeks have been quite good for painting. And this week was no exeption. Satuday I had a few more games with the Iron Hills Dwarfs and a Gundabad Army. The latter will change a bit more, but I'm quite happy with the Iron Hills Dwarfs. The only problem seem to have is rolling 2s with the Ballista and then have the dilemma wether or not I spend the two might of the Captain within the first rounds.

Ironhills Captain
Pict 112: Iron Hills Captain

Ironhills Captain
Pict 113: Iron Hills Captain

Ironhills Captain
Pict 114: Iron Hills Captain

Ironhills Captain
Pict 115: Iron Hills Captain
First up today is said Captain. He painted up rather fast - I think I spend two evenings. Other than that not to mutch to say here. Only that I look forward to getting the other Captain and painting him up.

Ironhills / Gundabad Objective Markers
Pict 116: Iron Hills / Gundabad Objective Markers

Up next are the objective markers I build and now painted for the Iron Hills army. I'll be using them for the Gundabad army as well, but they don't quite fit, since I the bases for the Gundabad Army are more like a ruin. At first I wanted them do be Dol Guldur but I think now they might get some snow and be Ravenhill. So once I get the inspiration I might build other markers for the Gundabads.

Villager Ebob
Pict 117: Bill Ferny (eBob)

Villager Ebob
Pict 118: Bill Ferny (eBob)

Villager Ebob
Pict 119: Bill Ferny (eBob)

Villager Ebob
Pict 120: Bill Ferny (eBob)

To sum up the miniatures I painted this week, here is the creepy fellow mentioned in the title. It's the scoundrel miniature of eBob's townsfolk and not at all a Bill Ferny, resident of Bree and collaborator with Sauron in the Shire. I started with the other townspeople too and hope to use them in DnD since they don't really have a use in the Middle Earth SBG. Especially Butterbur will be usefull, when the party think they should start a barfight.

Gundabad Ogre Hobbit SBG
Pict 121: Gundabad Ogres (WIP)

And lastly for today: a work in progress picture of the two Gundabad Ogres. I really like them in game although I need some more practice with them - they are great to throw warriors around, but once a hero gets to them, they are pretty much done for. The best thing about them by far is the character the miniatures posess. I tip my hat to the sculptor! I think I might get two more (as they are needed for the scenarios) and the thought of having four of them in one army is as bad as it is hillarious.