Sunday 26 April 2020

The Blacksmith's Forge

Just a quick, but picture heavy, additional post today: I managed to complete the Blacksmith Forge by Tabletop World.

Scene at the Blacksmith's
Pict 878: Scene at the Blacksmith's

As per usual, I put a few models on the house so that one can imagine how big it is. Next up are two walk arounds from different angles.

Blacksmith Forge
Pict 879: Blacksmith Forge
Blacksmith Forge
Pict 880: Blacksmith Forge
Blacksmith Forge
Pict 881: Blacksmith Forge
Blacksmith Forge
Pict 882: Blacksmith Forge
Blacksmith Forge
Pict 883: Blacksmith Forge
Blacksmith Forge
Pict 884: Blacksmith Forge
Blacksmith Forge
Pict 885: Blacksmith Forge
Blacksmith Forge
Pict 886: Blacksmith Forge
I started with the wood on the roof which went pretty fast. The stonework however took longer. Combine that with the timbers that needed some more exact basecoating to not get too much dark brown on the stones and the lower storey took quite a bit longer... Once the stones and wood was done, the details went on quickly again. This model also marks the first time for me to use flock for the moss texture and I very much like the look of it!

Blacksmith Forge Inside
Pict 887: Blacksmith Forge Inside
Blacksmith Forge Inside
Pict 888: Blacksmith Forge Inside
Blacksmith House Inside
Pict 889: Blacksmith House Inside
Roof Inside
Pict 890: Roof Inside

And lastly here are a few pictures of details - this kit is really quite detailed. Every surface from stone to wood to metals etc. is textured and takes a drybrush really nicely. As I said last week, there is also a paining recipe to remind myself of how I painted this model in the future. There are also a few additional pictures and a picture of my reference - part of some medieval city walls near to where I live.

Now I only will have to paint up an adequate table to put this forge on...

Sunday 19 April 2020

Myah! (Painting Skeletons)

Well, that was unexpected - I didn't think that I would paint up a batch of old Warhammer skeletons, but here they are! But I also finished up the Morgul Stalkers, a few more Rohan models including Helm Hammerhand and Captain Avantika from Critical Role. After that I started on a bigger scenery project with the blacksmith forge made by Tabletop World and a converted Vampire to fit in with the skeletons.

Pict 869: Skeletons (Detail)
Pict 870: Skeletons
Man, these are some classic miniatures! And I know it's a sacrilege to put them on round bases instead of square ones. I love how chunky they are, but the best thing the Champion who's clearly superior because of the fancy hat! I tried to match my scheme from about three years ago, but I didn't write down the recipe then and the new ones came out a bit lighter. I remedied my mistake this time around and posted the recipe here on the blog. It's really quite simple and the batch didn't take that long.
The eagle-eyed will have noticed that one of these skeletons is not like the others: I also found a single Mantic skelly clawing it's way out of the dirt in my bitsbox and while I was at it, painted it to. I love how it's giving the thumbs up with the right hand but it's quite a bit flimsier than the others.

Morgul Stalkers
Pict 871: Morgul Stalkers
After all these creepy undeads, I went right along and finished the creepy orcs from the last post. The Morgul Stalkers came out quite nice and I look forward to seeing them alongside other Mordor Orcs.

Helm Hammerhand and Helmingas Command
Pict 872: Helm Hammerhand and Helmingas Command

Helm Hammerhand and Helmingas Command
Pict 873: Helm Hammerhand and Helmingas Command
I wanted to play Helm in a tournament that had to be postponed. While that's sad, at least I had a bit more time to paint him up. He has several different layers of armour and cloth and I enjoyed taking my time with him. Originally I wanted to give him a white or at least bright cloak to hint at his role of defending the Hornburg against Dunlendings duing the long winter. But simply didn't like the look and wanted to tie him in with the rest of my Rohan a bit more.

The command group of a bannerbearer and the hornblower were painted alongside Helm. While quite a bit older than the model of Helm, they do fit together nicely with the scale mail armour. I'm even tempted to get myself another of the Helmingas command pack to convert the banner and horn onto a horse...

Captain Avantika
Pict 874: Captain Avantika
Not forgetting to paint more D&D miniatures, I also got around to painting Captain Avantika from Critical Role. In my new years resolutions I wanted to focus on Critical Role miniatures, since up until now, I only painted one mini from the Kickstarter. But for now it's one more from SFG's Vault. At first I was unsure about the colour scheme, but she came out ok if a bit colourful.

Vampire Conversion (WIP)
Pict 875: Vampire Conversion (WIP)
I had this conversion in my head for a few years now. I had bought some Vargheist wing bits to convert myself some Tyranid Shrikes and apart from the bigger ones there was this small pair. And since I was able to pick up the Vampire lady at the start of january, I finally had all the pieces. It took me a while to decide on the colours, but now that the basecolours are down I hope to finish painting her in the next days.

Tabletop World Blacksmith Forge Bits
Pict 876: Tabletop World Blacksmith Forge Bits
Tabletop World Blacksmith Forge (WIP)
Pict 877: Tabletop World Blacksmith Forge (WIP)
And lastly here's a WIP of the next big project. I got myself the beatiful blacksmith forge made by Tabletop World and started with the smaller loose bits and bobs like the anvil and the bellows. I also started to work on the roof, but there is still quite a bit of work to do. And I documented how I painted the different details and how I plan on painting the rest of the model.