Sunday 30 May 2021

The Ulfenwatch shambling along

These past two weeks I painted the Ulfenwatch including Watchmaster Halgrim, I had started as well as a bit more scenery from the Garden of Morr kit.

Watchmaster Halgrim and the Ulfenwatch
Pict 1033: Watchmaster Halgrim and the Ulfenwatch
Watchmaster Halgrim and Ulfenwatch Skeletons
Pict 1034: Watchmaster Halgrim and Ulfenwatch Skeletons
Watchmaster Halgrim and Ulfenwatch Skeletons
Pict 1035: Watchmaster Halgrim and Ulfenwatch Skeletons
In the end, these skeletons painted up quite nicely. With all of the corrosion, they are quite colourful – more than I'd usually paint. But I really enjoyed seeing them come together. I do like the faded red cloth and will probably use it as a main colour going forwards with the Cursed City box.

Garden of Morr Mausoleum
Pict 1036: Garden of Morr Mausoleum
I also painted up the last Mausoleum from the Garden of Morr. The base was already done and I did take a little more time building because I removed all the roses. I even got myself some protective gloves sice I had cut my fingers on this project so many times...

The two pieces of Wall painted up pretty quickly as well. With them beeing higher they are great to block line of sight as well as providing obstacles. And they will look good in the background of future scenic photo shots!

Ruins of Osgiliath (Fornost)
Pict 1038: Ruins of Osgiliath (Fornost)
While I was at it with the scenery, I also tried out my recipe for a piece of the Osgiliath Ruins set. I really enjoy how it ties in with the rest of my terrain! So my planned Osgiliath board will migrate further north and become part of the ruins of Arnor, maybe Fornost?

Sunday 16 May 2021

Looking at Walls

Man, I can't believe it's already been four weeks since my last post – how time flies! Anyways - here is an update of what I got done in the meantime: I finished more parts of the Garden of Morr and while I was at it also painted a set of walls and fences. Slowly but surely my collection of terrain is shaping up to something! Besides that building the rest of the Cursed City box took an astonishing amount of time. Of course I converted a few things, but still...

Garden of Morr
Pict 1026: Garden of Morr

Garden of Morr Mausoleum
Pict 1027: Garden of Morr Mausoleum
Garden of Morr Bases
Pict 1028: Garden of Morr Bases

The next few pieces of my Garden of Morr set: a mausoelum and the base for another one. After that I'm only missing the wall sections. These might take a litte bit more time however, because I will want to remove all the scuplted roses like a lunatic.

Walls and Fences
Pict 1029: Walls and Fences

I'm quite happy with the colours and the process on my terrain and thus painting up this set of Warhammer Fantasy Walls and Fences went pretty quickly. Not to much sculpted pieces of foliage to remove as well. Putting on the different bits of greenery did propable take as much time as the painting.

Gorslav, Kitty, Togilius and Emelda Braskov (Conversions)
Pict 1030: Gorslav, Kitty, Togilius and Emelda Braskov (Conversions)

Here are the first few models I converted from the Cursed City box. Emelda on the right is a simple repose while the others are a bit more involved. Torgilius needed decluttering and had to leave most of his pets at home and got a simple cloak instead. I like how this leaves him pretty much a creepy old man with his pet fox.

The box comes with two zombie cats and of course that's a great frame to make a living cat! The head is a bit big but I'm pretty happy with my sculpting nonetheless. Can't wait to get some paint on it!

Gorslav the Gravekeeper seemed a bit to much like he came right out of a videogame (propably a Souls game). His mask might be cool and creepy to some but for me it triggered the goofy meter. So I used the head of the Zombie he has on his base and got him a fresh new hairdo in the form of a tonsure. I really like the look of him as a evil monk! "Something happened to Brother Gorslav – he just seems a shadow of his cheery former self..." That's a short story just waiting to be put on paper!

Deadwalker Zombies (Conversions)
Pict 1031: Deadwalker Zombies (Conversions)

I also found the Zombies to be too cluttered. Getting them to a more agreeable point took a bit more work removing the gravestones and all of the vines. I then resculpted their backs and used pieces of greenstuff to show the ends of the stakes. Somehow I can accept these as part of the precautions one might put in place to make sure granny will not come back as a vampire. Seems sensible to me!

Númenorean Bannerbearer and Captain
Pict 1032: Númenorean Bannerbearer and Captain

While I was in build mode, I also quickly threw together these two Númenorean Warriors. The guy with the sword is a conversion straight out of the first Lord of the Rings rulebook that came with the Fellowship box set in 2001. The sword as well as the banner are looted from a mounted Boromir and the rest of the model will also be put to good use once I get to it.