Sunday 28 April 2024

Treebeard and Orcs

Long time no see! Man, the real-life did take over for a few weeks there... Still, I managed to finish Treebeard as well as two more Mordor Orcs to play at a tournament. I also did some more work on a load more Orcs and Warg Riders as well as building some more reinforcements for my Legions Imperialis Blood Angels.

Pict 1433: Treebeard
Pict 1434: Treebeard
Pict 1435: Treebeard

I love this older metal version of Treebeard! I like it better than the new one, because you can see how it was done by hand with putty. He does look a bit small in comparison with the Forge World Quickbeam, but he still towers over the normal infantry of MESBG. Once again, adding the foliage really brought the model to life! Playing the three Ent heroes with Merry and Pippin on Treebeard's back at the tournament was great fun even if some match ups were not optimal.

Mordor Orcs
Pict 1436: Mordor Orcs
Mordor Orcs
Pict 1437: Mordor Orcs

These two Mordor Orcs with shield and spear were the missing pieces to get my Black Gate army up to 500 points for the tournament. In the end I did not play the list at all, but I'm pretty happy with the paint jobs. The conversions are a bit older, but alright. If I was to do them now, I'd probably try and use the superior metal Orcs as the base. Still, I really like the looted Númenor shield with the eye of Sauron painted over it!

Mordor Orcs, Warg Riders and Sharkû (WIP)
Pict 1438: Mordor Orcs, Warg Riders and Sharkû (WIP)

While I painted the two Orcs I needed, I also pulled out a smattering of similar miniatures – some more Orcs and the Warg Riders, I keep putting of. I added in Sharkû and Wild Warg Chieftain into the latter ones. They all are now basecoated and washed and hopefully wont take to long to highlight.

Legions Imperialis Drop Pods and Land Raider Proteus Explorers
Pict 1439: Legions Imperialis Drop Pods and Land Raider Proteus Explorers

Now, since there were a few more miniatures released for Legions Imperialis, I had to get a load of the Drop Pods to add to my Blood Angels. These are really lovely models! I am in love with the fact that they work exactly like the 28mm versions. From a gameplay perspective it would have been nice, to get more of them in a box and sacrifice the movable parts. Nevertheless, while I will play with them, I love them this way from a modelling perspective.

Sunday 17 March 2024

Great Fangorn Forest to high Orthanc hill, shall come against him

Six more miniatures finished to show this time around: I painted up Quickbeam the Ent for a tournament coming up in April and then put the finishing touches on a squad of Infinity minatures I had laying around from last year.

Quickbeam the Ent
Pict 1426: Quickbeam the Ent
Pict 1427: Quickbeam
Pict 1428: Quickbeam

First up is Quickbeam, one of the newer models available for the Middle-earth Strategy Battle Game. I am really happy with the different tones I managed to put on him to change up the somewhat monotonous brown you often see on Ents. The 3d sculpted texture was a bit bland for my taste, but once the green flock was on he really came together.

Ghulam Infantry, Kaplans, Al'Hawwa
Pict 1429: Ghulam Infantry, Kaplans, Al'Hawwa

These Infinity miniatures were another project that got left behind last year. After watching the new Dune movie I got the itch to finish them. They were only missing the faces and some highlights and the finishing touches were done over a few weekday evenings. I'm pretty happy with them and there are a few more miniatures in my collection that would fit this Kaplan / Qapu Khalqi theme. But I fear, they will be postponed until I manage to get a game in.

Treebeard (WIP)
Pict 1430: Treebeard (WIP)

For now, there are some more Middle-earth figures to do for an upcoming tournament in April. One of them is this treebeard here. Since Quickbeam went pretty quickly, I hope to finish Treebeard soon as well. Of course he's carrying Merry and Pippin who will need some more attention, but I'm looking forward to it!

Neferata on foot (Conversion)
Pict 1431: Neferata on foot (Conversion)
Neferata on foot (Conversion)
Pict 1432: Neferata on foot (Conversion)

Lastly, whilst I had some green stuff mixed up to fill the gaps on Treebeard, I also finished this conversion of Neferata on foot. Since last I showed her, I filled the gaps between the two kits I used and resculpted parts of the skirt that were damaged during the construction. Hardest was to figure out how to connect the long and flowing sleeves to the back of her dress (the mounted version hides this with her throne). I'm pretty happy with the result and look forward to painting her!

Sunday 25 February 2024

Blood Angels Big and Small

With last weeks Zone Mortalis tournament, I was somewhat pressed for time, but still managed to finish up all the Blood Angels I wanted to play. After that I spent this week finishing up some projects that lay around started on my desk – among others some more small scale Blood Angels.

Blood Angels Tartaros Command and Veterans
Pict 1418: Blood Angels Tartaros Command and Veterans
Blood Angels Tartaros Preator and Command Squad
Pict 1419: Blood Angels Tartaros Preator and Command Squad
Blood Angels Tartaros Preator and Command Squad
Pict 1420: Blood Angels Tartaros Preator and Command Squad

First up are the Tartaros Praetor and his Command Squad. The Praetor is the limied release miniature from 2016 and is the second version I painted of him – my 6th / 7th edition Flesh Tearers army made use of one as well. Anyways, a very cool miniature! I really like the Tartaros armour and getting to use the Command Squad and the Praetor during the tournament was really great.

Blood Angels Veterans and Apothecary
Pict 1421: Blood Angels Veterans and Apothecary
Blood Angels Veterans and Apothecary
Pict 1422: Blood Angels Veterans and Apothecary

These Veterans were especially built for with Zone Mortalis in mind. They are kitted out for close quarters fighting and make use of a lot of flamers to root out any enemy clumping up in the tunnels. Especially when paired up with another squad, they really chewed through enemies. During painting I followed my usual recipe, but of course they are a lot more blinged out. For example I decided to give them all gold helmets following the examples from the Liber Astartes and of course the old Black Book Malevolence.

Legions Imperialis Blood Angels Contemptors and Plasma Support
Pict 1423: Legions Imperialis Blood Angels Contemptors and Plasma Support

Since I had the fitting shades of red on my wet palette, I also finished up some more Legions Imperialis Marines. I had started them before a game to make the Plasma Support Marines stand out against the tacticals. Now that the plasma guns have had some more highlights, they should read even better. The Contemptors were painted alongside them. Simply because I love my Dreadnoughts.
This is also reflected in the numbers of miniatures bought this year. I can't wait to add some Leviathans and Deredeos into my roster!

Blood Anges Preator (reworked)
Pict 1424: Blood Anges Preator (reworked)

One of the small projects I mopped up after the big push for the tournament was this Praetor. He was done quite a while ago but I had to chop off the head for my Raldoron. I had selected and primed a head pretty much right after decapitating. But I never got around to painting it until now. There also was a bit of touching up to be done around the collar. I'm really happy with how he looks now and glad he can now be able to be fielded again.

Horus Heresy and Legions Imperialis Size Comparison
Pict 1425: Horus Heresy and Legions Imperialis Size Comparison

This also a great opportunity to do the obligatory photo comparing the size difference between the two scales. Really sets the minute detail Workshop was able to put into the small miniatures into perspective!

Sunday 11 February 2024

Old Vampires Stir

I managed to finish a few miniatures for my Undead collection, did some more work on the elite Blood Angels from last post and then started a new MESBG army project in the form of Ents with Quickbeam and Treebeard.

Old Vampires stir up the local cemetary
Pict 1414: Old Vampires stir up the local cemetary
C18 Vampira, Necromancer and Neferata
Pict 1415: C18 Vampira, Necromancer and Neferata

First up are the first finished miniatures of the year – three pieces of my Undead collection that I started right after a game of Cursed City last Halloween. The faces of the C18 Vampire and Neferata were a bit challenging to paint up with the somewhat exaggerated features of yesteryear. But I'm pretty happy with the way they look now. In comparison, the modern Necromancer really was a joy to highlight, but he does lack some of the charm the older miniatures have.
The Necromancer is the first of nineteen miniatures I want to finish this year for the second Cursed City expansion. Very good to have the first one done early in the year, but I have to try and not loose sight of them and should propably start the next batch sooner rather than later.

Blood Angels Tartaros Command and Veterans (WIP)
Pict 1416: Blood Angels Tartaros Command and Veterans (WIP)

My Blood Angels got to see action in a game of Zone Mortalis. I was really happy with the Veterans and the Terminators but my Preator really needs a more powerful weapon compared to the simple power weapon he comes with. Thankfully what he's modeled with could reasonably represent a numer of different weapons. So I'll be able to try a few permutations.
Anyways, the oilwash is dry and locked in with a coat of varnish, the detail work is coming along nicely and I'm starting with the highlighting of the red armour. Not that much more to do after that, so I should have them ready for a Zone Mortalis tournament this coming saturday.

Quickbeam and Treebeard (WIP)
Pict 1417: Quickbeam and Treebeard (WIP)

I also got to play two games of Middle-earth SBG and fell in love with a somewhat stupid list containing just the three Ent heroes Treebeard, Quickbeam and Beechbone. The latter has no official model and I used my metal Ent to represent him – the first time he saw play since I painted him almost three years ago!
Quickbeam here was only partially assembled when I played him. Glueing on the all the missing branches did not take long at all and the basecolours and washes went down fast as well. Treebeard is missing some greenstuffing before the priming. The gaps should be done quickly, but Merry is missing his right hand. I'll have to see how adequatly I can manage that...

Sunday 21 January 2024

Blood Angels Elites

I started painting two more units and attached characters for my Heresy Blood Angels on the occasion of an upcoming Zone Mortalis tournament: a Tartaros Praetor and a Tartaros Command Squad as well as a unit of Veterans with their Apothecary.

Blood Angels Tartaros Command Squad (WIP)
Pict 1412: Blood Angels Tartaros Command Squad (WIP)

First up, here is my leader for the Zone Mortlis list: A Praetor in Tartaros Terminator armour (using the beautiful limited edition Legion Praetor from 2016) and a Command Squad all in Tartaros armour as well. I used the more ornate pieces from the plastic kit to set them appart from other Terminators. The Legion Banner comes from the Grey Knights Terminators removing the embossed detailing and smoothing everything out with a layer of Green Stuff. The topper is made from a Vexillum. The banner should help out during the game by enabling the unit to score objectives – they should do great as a strike team!

I put on a selection of decals on them to make them stand out even more. Sadly the banner was to small for the amazing big decal from the ForgeWorld sheet. Combining some of the smaller ones should look good as well, though.

Blood Angels Veterans (WIP)
Pict 1413: Blood Angels Veterans (WIP)

It was really difficult to decide on a load out for these Veterans – there is so much choice! In the end I went with a smattering of Perdition weapons and Lightning Claws for the close combat. Two Heavy Flamers and Combi-Flamers should help with thinning out enemies in the confines of the Zone Mortalis.

For now, they and the attached Apothecary had some work on the base colours done. I think I will continue with them to catch them up with the Terminators and then do the oil wash on all of them at the same time.

Sunday 7 January 2024

The Butterfly's Tally 2023

Happy New Year! As is tradition, the start of a year calls for reflection on the past and for plans on what to do in the upcoming cycle around the sun. I'm really quite happy with what I have achieved in 2023 and am looking forward to the projects in 2024!

Sanguinius leading the Blood Angels
Pict 1404: Sanguinius leading the Blood Angels

The Hobby Tally 2023

So to have a look back, this is what I set out to do at the start of the year and how I did:

  • Paint and play at least the first of the two Cursed City expansions (it's only 6 miniatures: 3 giant bats, Radukar the Beast, Lady Annika and Carmilla DuSang)
    • I managed to paint all of these, but decided against playing just the one expansion. Ideally I'd like to start a fresh campaign with both expansions painted.
      I did, however, play one session over Halloween, which was great!
Cursed City Villains of 2023
Pict 1405: Cursed City Villains of 2023
  • Paint 5 Infinity miniatures and play a game with them
    • In the end I painted 11 Infinity miniatures and even had a few games scheduled in, but they all did not work out in the end. I will have to be better with getting together with people to play these games!
Haqqislam, Dahshat and Kaplans of 2023
Pict 1406: Haqqislam, Dahshat and Kaplans of 2023

  • Paint 10 MESBG miniatures
    • I painted 16 MESBG miniatures - not as many as in prior years, but I'm still happy with them! Again, having a game scheduled makes for great motivation to paint at least some of the miniatures you need.
Mordor Orcs and Rohan Heroes of 2023
Pict 1407: Mordor Orcs and Rohan Heroes of 2023

  • Paint 3 more tiles of the modular gaming board as well as the rest of the Garden of Morr (that's 6 pieces of wall)
    • This is probably the biggest achievement of this year! I'm super glad to have finished a 4x4 gaming board and the Garden of Morr pieces. I still have quite a few more pieces of terrain fitting in with the collection, but I can play games at home, which is amazing.
Garden of Morr Scenery 2023
Pict 1408: Garden of Morr Scenery 2023

  • Paint at least 100 miniatures in total
    • 100 is always a good and round number to aim for and of course I managed to smash this goal as well with 176 miniatures painted in total!

Looking at these resolutions and my way of achieving them makes me really happy. I did not go for to many specific projects because I know, I will get distracted over the course of the year. What could have gone better is gaming – while certainly also a question of free time, I could have been more agressive in getting together with friends. But in the final days of the year I managed to get to hobby club about an hour away and get in my first Heresy game. I do hope to contiune this trend!

If you want so look back at my painting progress of previous years, here are the links to the tallies of the past: The Tally 2017, The Tally 2018, The Tally 2019, The Tally 2020, The Tally 2021, The Tally 2022

Other Big Projects of this Year

Horus Heresy Blood Angels of 2023
Pict 1409: Horus Heresy Blood Angels of 2023

I added quite a bit to my Blood Angels army this year: Aster Crohne, 1 Consul, 10 Mortalis Destroyers, 5 Assault Destroyers as Zephon's retinue, 1 Castra Ferrum Dreadnought, 15 Inductii Despoilers, 10 Scouts, 15 Assault Marines, 1 Rhino, 6 Seekers, 1 Avenger Strike Fighter and of course Sanguinius!
All in all 67 miniatures – quite the collection seeing it tallied up like this!

Tyranids of 2023
Pict 1410: Tyranids of 2023

With the new models coming for the tenth edition of 40k, I also did some work on my Tyranids. While I'm still not that enamoured with 40k, these were quite fun to get back to.

Badab Enforcers of 2023
Pict 1411: Badab Enforcers of 2023

I have gotten quite a good start to a Necromunda collection without even intending to do so. I plan to use these as the bad guys in a Inquisitor game but they could also see use as a Badab War Kill Team. I should really get onto painting the Inquisitor, the retinue and some more terrain I have sloted for that project...

Hobby Plans for 2024

Which brings me nicely to the plans for the coming year. I will once again try to not be too specific and be ok with getting distracted. I also want to try and not get to swept up an the hype of new miniatures and get to the projects I already have at home. And I do want to play more games

  • Paint 2 pieces of terrain each for the SciFi and the Fantasy collection
  • Finish up the Cursed City collection. Thas is 10 Grave Guard, 5 Direwolves, 3 Vargheists – 18 miniatures in total, the should be doable!
  • Once again paint more than 100 miniatures
  • Lastly, make a concerted effort to buy less new stuff, paint the stuff I have and play with it

Sunday 31 December 2023

Starting up Legions Imperialis

One last post for 2023: December really flew by and with the holidays left little time for the hobby. Nevertheless I managed to make a good start on Legions Imperialis with a small scale version of my Blood Angels. I even managed to play a first game of LI and a first game of Heresy! These inspired me to build some more minis for these systems. But I also finished some of the Vampires and assorted undeads.

Legions Imperials Blood Angels
Pict 1392: Legions Imperials Blood Angels
Legions Imperialis Blood Angels Contemptors
Pict 1393: Legions Imperialis Blood Angels Contemptors

These four Contemptors were the first miniatures I painted for the Legions Imperialis version of my Blood Angels. I love these miniatures! Of course, I like the Contemptor chassis. But they really did a great job to recreate them in the small scale and still give them a good range of motion and easy dynamic poses. Painting them pretty much took only an evening for all steps, so I can really see myself painting these LI miniatures quite fast.

Legions Imperialis Blood Angels Legion Command
Pict 1394: Legions Imperialis Blood Angels Legion Command
Legions Imperialis Blood AngelsTactical Legionaries
Pict 1395: Legions Imperialis Blood AngelsTactical Legionaries
Legions Imperialis Blood AngelsTactical Legionaries
Pict 1396: Legions Imperialis Blood AngelsTactical Legionaries
Legions Imperialis Blood AngelsTactical Legionaries
Pict 1397: Legions Imperialis Blood AngelsTactical Legionaries
Legions Imperialis Blood AngelsTactical Legionaries
Pict 1398: Legions Imperialis Blood AngelsTactical Legionaries

The Legions Imperialis Space Marine infantry is also really nice. I did some carving to improve the undercuts, but really you do not have to do this make them look good on the table. That work will only ever really be noticed on pictures magnifying the models beyond what you would usually see.
Anyways, I decided against painting them unassembled – the power armour leaves just enough room to get the brush in and I'm quite happy with the way they came out. The hardest part really were the eyelenses - that's the first time I acually used a maginfying glass to see what I'm doing! And even now, the blown up pictures show all that went wrong. But I don't mind, you'd never see them during play.

Winged Vampire, Bastet and the Werefox
Pict 1399: Winged Vampire, Bastet and the Werefox

In the end I only managed to finish up the winged Vampire, the two versions of Bastet and the Werefox during December. The other Vampires and the Necormancer are still waiting for the highlights. I will really have to make an effort next year to finish all of these started and abandoned projects...

Blood Angels Tartaros Terminators, Moritat and Contemptor (WIP)
Pict 1400: Blood Angels Tartaros Terminators, Moritat and Contemptor (WIP)

I also got to building some more Blood Angels in the big scale. The Contemptor is geared for anti-tank with a Lascannon and a Chainfist – same as the Moritat, who would also like to open up some cans with his two Infernopistols. The two Tartaros Terminators are the start of a big squad. I used the ForgeWorld Iliastus Assault Cannons with the Cataphractii arms and put them on the heavy weapon arms that would usually hold the Tartaros' Auto Cannons. The Tartaros Praetor only got a helmet to keep that face safe even when fighting in space!

Legions Imperialis Blood Angels Thunderhawk (WIP)
Pict 1401: Legions Imperialis Blood Angels Thunderhawk (WIP)
Legions Imperialis Blood Angels Thunderhawk Conversion (WIP)
Pict 1402: Legions Imperialis Blood Angels Thunderhawk Conversion (WIP)
Legions Imperials Blood Angels Fire Raptors (WIP)
Pict 1403: Legions Imperials Blood Angels Fire Raptors (WIP)

Lastly, since I planned an Aerial Assault formation to start Legions Imperialis, here some planes. I really love the Thunderhawk model – they are so big in comparison! And of course I would probably never get them for the 28mm collection. I also was inspired by Chaosbunker's Thunderhawk conversion and decided to recreate the open front hatch.
The Fire Raptors had their cupolas magnetised, even if it look like I will probably only use the Lascannons in LI. But I might play them in Aeronautica and then would want the options. Anyways it was quite fun little project using small steel ball bearings in the cupolas and a magnet inside the hull right between them.