Sunday, 18 October 2020

Rangers of Shadow Deep and Shelob's Lair

These past weeks I painted a bunch of the official Northstar models for Rangers of Shadow Deep - a Skeleton Knight, two robed skeletons as well as eight giant flies. Like many others, who are into the Middle-earth SBG, I was very exited by the release of Quest of the Ringbearer and painted up part of the Shelob's Lair box.

Skeletons of the Dungeon
Pict 930: Skeletons of the Dungeon

When I first saw the Skeleton Knight by Northstar, I immedeately fell in love with the sculpt. Seen from the front the miniature has an elegant curve through the flowing robes. The diagonal of the sword follows this movement but gives it a hard and imposing edge.

Skeletons of the Shadow Deep
Pict 931: Skeletons of the Shadow Deep
Skeletons of the Shadow Deep
Pict 932: Skeletons of the Shadow Deep
The robes of the skeletons reminded me of the skeletons in the Capuchine Crypt in Rome and I had to paint them as such. Why catholic monks would have need of ceremonial daggers I don't know, but it simply fit! You can see that the sculpts were done digitally but they are still chunky enough to paint up nicely and have a unique feel to them.

Giant Flies
Pict 933: Giant Flies
Giant Flies
Pict 934: Giant Flies

These flies are also very cool models but sadly only availiable in one pose. I tought about converting them but when assebling them I was to lazy to do so. To make them somewhat distinguishable I looked at different fly species and painted the eight flies in differing colours. The Giant Fly miniatures are used in one of the Rangers of Shadow Deep campaings, but I will probably also get use out of them in D&D.

Sam and Frodo (Shelob's Lair)
Pict 935: Sam and Frodo (Shelob's Lair)

With the new ME SBG book, my butterfly syndrome demanded that I start a new army. Quest of the Ringbearer has new rules for a Legendary Legion of Cirith Ungol with animosity between the Uruks and Orcs as well as the option to take Shelob. Obviously I had to go for that and painted up the Hobbits from the Shelob's Lair box and thus nothing to be used in this army... Sam and especially Frodo, however, painted up very fast.

Shelob (WIP)
Pict 936: Shelob (WIP)
I also started to wok on Shelob. I allowed myself a bit more time and looked through pictures of Shelob on the internet as well as the concept art for the film to do justice to this amazing Trish Carden scuplt. For now I simply established the base colours on the body and plan on blending them together to get a nice gradient from the belly to the back of the beast.