Sunday, 27 January 2019

Hassassin Ragik and many Works in Progess

Just a quick update: I finished painting the Hassassin Ragik and managed to progress on a few different projects: other Haqqislam miniatures as well as Tom Bombadil, Goldberry and paralysed Hobbits from the Fog on the Barrow-Downs set. I also busted out the green stuff to finish filling the gaps on a big D&D monster.

Hassassin Ragik
Pict 575: Hassassin Ragik
Hassassin Ragik
Pict 576: Hassassin Ragik

First up is the Ragik. I really like the model with the wings and the landing pose. But it was a nightmare to put together (the wings have two pins each...) - I guess that's what you get for playing with miniatures that are maximally delicate. I changed the red arms from the last pictue to the grayI use for body armour. It fits better with the way the colours are placed on the model and is consistent with my use of colours on other models. Right now he's a bit shiny from the varnish since I didn't want to mess everythign up by spraying Armypainter's Anti-Shine in the cold and humid weather.

Daylami Infantry (WIP)
Pict 577: Daylami Infantry (WIP)

The first WIP are these two Daylami Infantrymen. With these I'll have finished the first 100 points and will be looking towards way of expanding the list to 120. The faces are rather small and I wonder how I will paint the eyes.

Tom Bombadil and Goldberry (WIP)
Pict 578: Tom Bombadil and Goldberry (WIP)
Paralysed Hobbits (WIP)
Pict 579: Paralysed Hobbits (WIP)

I am right in the middle of my annual rereading of The Lord of the Rings and at the beginning of the week the four Hobbits had reached Tom Bombadil and the Barrow-Downs after that. With those scenes in mind I started on the basecoats of theses miniatures. I don't plan on really using them in games but reading of them made me want to paint them as a short distraction from the other Middle-Eath projets going on. And with the Arnor shields towards the Hobbit's feet, I might use them as objective markers with my Rangers of the North and Arnorians.

Behir (WIP)
Pict 580: Behir (WIP)
Behir (WIP)
Pict 581: Behir (WIP)

After building the bases for the Hobbits I had still quite a large batch of mixed up green stuff so that I went to filling in the gaps on this Behir. I pretty much had to fill in all the seams because the fit of the pieces was not that great. I am sure that I could have done more by bending the resin with hot water but I should have done that befor glueing. I enjoyed the challence and working with green stuff more and am esspecially proud of the scales midway down the back: I had to rescuplt some of them to close the gap and think they came out great!

Sunday, 20 January 2019

Back to Infinity!

These past weeks, I got back into Infinity with a few games and a bit of painting. I also finished my Rangers.

Hassassin Áyyār, Hassassin Lasiq
Pict 568: Hassassin Áyyār, Hassassin Lasiq
Hassassin Áyyār, Hassassin Lasiq
Pict 569: Hassassin Áyyār, Hassassin Lasiq

I'm taking part in an Infinity Escalation League and last weekend we started with a few games of 100 points. I enjoyed having the small group and limited rules so that I'll be able to get to grips with the system step by step. Sadly I didn't finish painting my list, but the games really gave me the inspiration to get paint on the Haqqislam miniatures. With that I finished two Hassassins just this week and I think I should be able to paint enough for our next gameday.

Rangers of the North
Pict 570: Rangers of the North
Rangers of the North
Pict 571: Rangers of the North

And here are the Rangers of the North I started at the tailend of 2018. They are similar enough to the Dúnedain so that I already had my colour scheme down and could go right at it. I only had to finish the highlighting, so that I could finish them during the course of an evening.

Pict 572: Aragorn, Halbarad, Arathorn, Aragon
Aragorn, Halbarad, Arathorn, Aragon
Pict 573: Aragorn, Halbarad, Arathorn, Aragon

And here are the heroes I painted to go with my Ranger force. Arathorn and Halbarad obviously fit the Ranger theme and will lead them when I'm not playing them as the Gray Company. I'm looking forward to trying this new legendary armylist out with my next few games of ME SBG, and with yesterday's pre-orders I will add to the force with the new Three Huntes.

Umber Hulk, Hassassin Ragik (WIP)
Pict 574: Umber Hulk, Hassassin Ragik (WIP)

And here's something I'm working on right now: The next Hassassin and the first monster for D&D. the Ragik is already at tha stage of highlighting while the Umber Hulk just now got the basic colours.

Sunday, 6 January 2019

The Butterfly's Tally 2018

As I said last week, this will be a post to take a look back at 2018 and make some resolutions for this coming year. In between, I'll show what I got done in this first week of January

Tally 2018 - Tyranids
Pict 556: Tally 2018 - Tyranids

The Year in Review

Tally 2018 - Iron Hills
Pict 557: Tally 2018 - Iron Hills
Tally 2018 - Hunter Orcs
Pict 558: Tally 2018 - Hunter Orcs

First I want to look at my resolutions for 2018 again: I wanted to paint more Tyranids (check, but there are still some in a box...), Iron Hills Dwarves (check), Hunter Orcs (check even though it took pretty much the whole year), the Balin's Tomb Diorama (check) and the White Council in Dol Guldur Diorama (check), as well as a Shire force for Battle Companies (nope, but I did Arnor instead).

Tally 2018 - The White Council
Pict 559: Tally 2018 - The White Council
Tally 2018 - Balin's Tomb
Pict 560: Tally 2018 - Balin's Tomb
As you can see in the panel on the right, in the end I painted 232 models versus the 238 I bought. With that I added slightly to the pile of shame but I also managed to sell/give away quite a few. I didn't keep a tally on how far along the painting process any of these miniatures were, but I managed to get rid of 192 miniatures and thus reduced my pile considerably!

Tally 2018 - Arnor
Pict 561: Tally 2018 - Arnor
With 45 posts over the year, I missed a few more weeks than the year before. Sometimes I just didn't have the time to paint during the week; others I missed because I was out of town and hadn't prepared a post. Still, I'm happy with the 45 posts as it is!

Tally 2018 - Illithid Raiding Party
Pict 562: Tally 2018 - Illithid Raiding Party
Tally 2018 - Twilight Ringwraiths
Pict 563: Tally 2018 - Twilight Ringwraiths
Other than that here are some of my favourite projects of this year. Looking back through my posts, I really liked the Illithid Raiding Party, the Twilight Ringwraiths, Zuggtmoy and of course the add-on to my mounted Rohan army to make it ready for the new edition of the game.

Tally 2018 - Zuggtmoy
Pict 564: Tally 2018 - Zuggtmoy
Tally 2018 - Rohan Army Additions
Pict 565: Tally 2018 - Rohan Army Additions

This Week's Painting

Rangers of the North (WIP)
Pict 566: Rangers of the North (WIP)

This week however I only managed to get a bit further along with the Rangers of the North. Now the base colours are all down and the washes are dry. With only the highlighting left to do, I hope to have them done next week. I also added in two miniatures of Aragorn in similar clothes. And since I plan on using him with the others, I also changed his usual scheme and gave one of them the black livery my other Arnorians have.

Plans for the Future

Lastly I want to make a few plans for this year and write up my new year's resolutions for 2019. I want to continue with the Middle-Earth miniatures and right now, I'm most excited about the new miniatures I showed before priming a few weeks back. One thing I'm really missing however is an evil army from the Lord of the Rings era. To remedy that I collected Easterlings and Khandish Warriors. Beyond that, I feel that I painted very little for other systems other than the Middle-Earth SBG and I want to change that by doing the Haqqislam and more heroes and monsters for D&D. Both should challenge me the former because it's clean Sci-Fi and the latter by being very divers. And lastly there are those Ruins of Osgiliath still waiting in a box unser my table...

Haqqislam, Khand, Rhûn, Rivendell (WIP)
Pict 567: Haqqislam, Khand, Rhûn, Rivendell (WIP)

So, all in all here are my resolutions: I will paint an all mounted Rivendell army with dismounts, an army of evil men from Rhûn and Khand, at least 20 miniatures for D&D, my set of Osgiliath-Ruins and my Haqqislam army for Infinity. At the end of the year I want to have bought less miniatures than I painted and I will also attempt to paint a total of 365. We'll see if I can make it this year!
As for the blog itself: Since I missed some weeks, esspecially towards the end of the year, I'll change my posting shedule to every other week. Other than that I plan to go ahead as before with pictures of my painted miniatures and of the ones that stand unfinished on my table.