Sunday, 27 March 2022

Howling Griffons Sternguard and Dwarven Heroes

These past two weeks, I finished four of the dwarven heroes from my last post: Dáin Ironfoot, King under the Mountain, Thorin III 'Stonehelm', Múrin and Drár. While highlighting, I also wanted to do some work with broader strokes and got on with the Howling Griffons in the form of a Sternguard Veteran Squad.

Pict 1163: Howling Griffons Sternguard Veterans
Pict 1164: Howling Griffons Sternguard Veterans
Pict 1165: Howling Griffons Sternguard Veterans

After last post's successful experiment in painting Space Marines, I dug out this Sternguard Veteran Squad and continued the streak. Instead of the combi-weapon the squad usually comes with, I pulled in another normal Bolter Marine so that they can double as a Tactical Squad in smaller skirmish games such as Combat Patrol or Kill Team.

Pict 1166: Dáin, King under the Mountain and Thorin III 'Stonehelm'
Pict 1167: Dáin, King under the Mountain and Thorin III 'Stonehelm'

The first two dwarves to get finished, were Thorin III 'Stonehelm' and his ageing father Dáin Ironfoot, King under the Mountain. The two of them will allow me to field my Iron Hills in the War of the Ring era – we will see, what the War in the North supplement will bring. Thorin III had his arm slightly reposed to prevent him from unsafely flailing his pick about and painted up very fast in my usual Iron Hills scheme. Dáin on the other hand took a bit more work. I only took out my Battle of the Five Armies Dáin to compare them after I had already painted quite a bit of the new Dáin. I subsequently repainted some areas and I am way more happy with him now.

Pict 1168: Dáin Ironfoot, Lord of the Iron Hills

And while I was at it, I also updated the face of Dáin on foot and riding his pig since the original paintjob from five years ago didn't quite cut it upon closer inspection.

Pict 1169: Múrin and Drár
Pict 1170: Múrin and Drár

These two Dwarves were ported over from the original Khazad-dûm line into the Iron Hills and they do look it. Still nice sculpts of adventuring dwarves always on the move, but a bit generic. Nevertheless, I look forward to trying them out in a game!

Pict 1171: Thrór and Thráin II (WIP)

Thrór and Thráin II are not quite finished yet, but should not take much longer – and after that, onwards to some more Dwarf Warriors for all these heroes to lead!

Sunday, 13 March 2022

More Dwarves and a Space Marine?!

These past two weeks, I managed to finish my Iron Hills Dwarves in time for a tournement but also did a few more bits and bobs including my first Space Marine in a very long time!

Heavily armoured dwarf warrior miniatures in front of a rockwall.
Pict 1156: Iron Hills Dwarf Warriors
Heavily armoured dwarf warrior miniatures in front of a black background.
Pict 1157: Iron Hills Dwarf Warriors
Heavily armoured dwarf warrior miniatures from the back in front of a black background.
Pict 1158: Iron Hills Dwarf Warriors

First up are the six Iron Hills Dwarf warriors, I needed for a 1000 points doubles event. We got to play the Iron Hills list twice, but lost both times – my Chariot only managed to drive over 5 orcs in total if I remeber correctly... Anyways, I'm very happy with these Dwarves. I find them to look better than the dwarves I painted, when I started the blog five years ago. This should not be surprising, but I might want to go back to the older ones and touch them up, esspecially their faces. Maybe in the runup to the next event?

A miniature of an Uruk-hai Captain with a newly sculpted helmet.
Pict 1159: Uruk-Hai Captain (Helmet Conversion)

I also did some scuplting for a good friend I was going to see at the event and put a helmet on this Uruk-Hai captain. Always a good idea to wear one, if you ask me! And of course its a great way to make sure your miniature is different from everybody else's.

Pict 1160: Howling Griffon Badab War Veteran
Pict 1161: Howling Griffon Badab War Veteran

As far as I can tell, this Howling Griffon is the first Space Marine I painted in over four years! I recently was inspired by ArbitorIan's video on the Badab War and a collection of metal Space Marine Veterans primed and ready to go. I always liked the quartered livery of the Howling Griffons, but I also wanted to try and go for a more grimdark / blachitsu style of painting. Fortunately the Howling Griffons wore a darker night world camo variation on their stark yellow/red livery during the Badab War.

Usually I prefer bright and clean colours but I wanted to push my techniques and my horizon a bit. And so I got to experiment with oilwashes and sponging for the weathering. I have to say I'm very pleased with the outcome! I might have to print some decals for the chapter symbol, because I don't want to freehand a griffon on every shoulderpad...

Pict 1162: Múrin, Drár, Thrór, Thráin, Dáin, Thorin III

After my succes with the Iron Hills warriors, I got on with the Dwarf heroes I had started at the same time. For now they have their basecoats and washed done and are awaiting highlights.