Sunday, 31 October 2021

Authorized Bounty Hunting

Three more models finished for my Dahshat Mercenaries and six more on the go! I'm really picking up steam with this new sectorial by playing games and planning ahead for a team tournament.

Authorized Bounty Hunting
Pict 1078: Authorized Bounty Hunting
Authorized Bounty Hunters and Zuyong Invincible
Pict 1079: Authorized Bounty Hunters and Zuyong Invincible
Authorized Bounty Hunters and Zuyong Invincible
Pict 1080: Authorized Bounty Hunters and Zuyong Invincible

These Bounty Hunter miniatures are really great and full of character. I was however cursing myself for wanting to make them stand out from the rest of my army by giving them white armour. I sill find it a cool look, but I doubt I will want to paint any more of them.

The Zuyong pretty much just adheres to my usual colour scheme. I really like him as a part of my staple link team and he has been in all of my lists so far. I'm happy to have him painted!

Herbie is looking out for you!
Pict 1081: Herbie is looking out for you!

Speaking of games: I did play a few round but only remembered to snap pictures of one. Nevertheless, putting the painted models on a cool game board really elevates them. Herbie is a real champ and great fun to play!

Dahshat Company (WIP)
Pict 1082: Dahshat Company (WIP)

I also put down the basic colours on some more Dahshat mercenaries. Here are two Liberto fish boys, a skull-faced Húláng, a skull-masked Dozer as well as Miranda Ashcroft (with the sword) and Valerya Gromoz.

Sunday, 17 October 2021

More Dahshat and Dwarves

A quick update once again since I was mostly in 'build mode' rather than 'paint mode'. But I did get some basecolours onto more Dahshat mercenaries and some Middle-earth dwarves.

Dahshat Mercenaries (WIP)
Pict 1076: Dahshat Mercenaries (WIP)

These two Authorized Bounty Hunters, two Brawlers and Zuyong Invincible are ready for the clean up stage and their highlights. I managed to get one game in with them and of course they did not perform how I wanted them to. I blame the unfinished paintjob (not at all my lacking tactical prowess).

Iron Hills Dwarves (WIP)
Pict 1077: Iron Hills Dwarves (WIP)

After redoing the bases of my Erebor dwarves, I had the itch to paint the rest of my Middle-earth dwarves. Some, like the last remaining Iron Hills dwarves have waited for paint for some time but there are a few new additions with Dáin, King under the Mountain and Thorin III Stonehelm. As you can see, these miniatures were just started and I'm still figuring out the colours, especially on the very detailed hair and beards.

Sunday, 3 October 2021

Dahshat Company, a Disaster and a very old Vampire

These past weeks I mainly painted some more Infinity miniatures for my Dahshat mercenaries. Seems I'm back on the Corvus Belli train! I also painted an Oldhammer Vampire matching my Cursed City undead.

Dahshat Heavies
Pict 1066: Dahshat Heavies

Jannisary, Djanbazans and Zuyong Invincible
Pict 1067: Jannisary, Djanbazans and Zuyong Invincible
Jannisary, Djanbazans and Zuyong Invincible
Pict 1068: Jannisary, Djanbazans and Zuyong Invincible
For the first time in forever, I was over at a friend's for a painting session. Since we both play Haqqislam, I started to work on these four infantry models and finished them over the last few evenings.

The Rui Shi Disaster
Pict 1069 - The Rui Shi Disaster
Rui Shi
Pict 1070: Rui Shi

Rui Shi
Pict 1071: Rui Shi
When I went to varnish these Infinity miniatures last week, disaster stuck when the Rui Shi took a dive down two flights of stairs and shattered into several pieces. After collecting most of the pieces I was quite disheartened especially since I already hated putting it together the first time. Well, now the remote is back together with only little battle damage and only one piece has gone missing.

"Your wife has such a beautiful neck..." - Graf Orlok
Pict 1072: "Your wife has such a beautiful neck..." - Graf Orlok
C18 Vampire Attacking
Pict 1073: C18 Vampire Attacking

This lovely miniature is a Vampire from Citadel's 'C18 Night Horrors' Series, released in December 1986. Of course I watched the silent film Nosferatu in preparation and then painted him up rather quickly. I really enjoy his expressive face!
Erebor Dwarves
Pict 1074: Erebor Dwarves

I also updated the bases of my Erebor Dwarves to match them to my Iron Hills army. This way I can ally them thogether for a Battle of Azanulbizar theme. Whilst cleaning up the paintjob around the feet, I also took the opportunity to repaint the named heroes' faces. Lastly I also decided to paint up a separate base for my Iron Hills Chariot Captain to stand on, for any time I would ever need three Captains.

Garden of Morr (WIP)
Pict 1075: Garden of Morr (WIP)
And here is an update on the rest of my Garden of Morr set. I managed to remove most of the sculpted roses from the all the walls and fences. The stonework has a basecolour and is ready for drybrushing. The detailwork will probably take longer than I expect, but I hope the work will pay of.