Sunday, 24 June 2018

Something's breaking through the Trees!

I had this particular Dragon standing on the back of my desk for some years now and with the Carmine Dragon screaming to be painted, I decided I really should finish the green one first.

Breaking through the Trees
Pict 445: Breaking through the Trees
Forest Dragon
Pict 446: Forest Dragon

Forest Dragon
Pict 447: Forest Dragon

Forest Dragon
Pict 448: Forest Dragon

Forest Dragon (Head)
Pict 449: Forest Dragon (Head)

It wasn't that much work to get him finished, but I never got around to it. Since he's got very large flat areas he was one of the first miniatures I tried my hand at wet-blending. The result wasn't the greatest which discouraged me at the time. Now, more than four years later, I only had to higlight the greens and get to the details like the horns and teeth.I'm pretty happy with the result as it stands but of course the blends could be better in some places. Thankfully the Carmine Dragon has more sculpted detail so that the big surfaces are broken up and will be easier to paint.
The miniature will most likely see play as an Adult Green Dragon in D&D, but if I'm ever able to play a Storm of Magic game I'll be happy to field him. Originally I had planned to do a conversion of Naestra and Arahan to ride the beast but right now I like the classic model for them better.

Gnoll Warrior
Pict 450: Gnoll Warrior

Gnoll Warrior
Pict 451: Gnoll Warrior

Gnoll Warrior
Pict 452: Gnoll Warrior

Gnoll Warrior
Pict 453: Gnoll Warrior

The second figure I painted this week is this Gnoll Warrior. He's the last piece of my Illithid Raiding Party set. The cast is quite detailed but in some spaces I had to resculpt parts after the fragile pieces had come loose when washing the moldrelease of. I used the picture in the 5th edition Monster Manual as a guideline - it's virtually the same Gnoll - and I liked how they introduced the red cloth as a splash of colour. I then added some verdigris to the bronze in order to contrast the red.

Sunday, 17 June 2018

Grimhammers and a Dragon

Whelp... Sometimes (read: pretty much always) getting back into the swingg of things for me equals getting distraced by new and exciting projects. On the downside, I didn't get that much painting done on the Nazgûl but on the upside I now have a painted Grimhammer Captain. Other than that I also did some building and finished filling in the gaps of my Carmine Dagon and built her a base.

Grimhammers vs. Gundabad
Pict 440: Grimhammers vs. Gundabad
Grimhammer Captain
Pict 441: Grimhammer Captain
Grimhammer Captain
Pict 442: Grimhammer Captain
Grimhammer Captain
Pict 443: Grimhammer Captain

I'm pretty happy with this Captain - I highlighted the scales of his skirt individually and that shows in contrast to the drybrushed warriors. The tattoo on his head is a little crooked but I like it as a first attempt. I don't think he'll see that much playtime since the profile is not that strong and it has to compete with Young Balin and Young Dwalin - both better and more characterful options. But I might need him for scenarioplay and simply for completion's sake.

Carmine Dragon + Base (WIP)
Pict 444: Carmine Dragon + Base (WIP)
And to show a bit of my building progress here is a picture of the Carmine Dragon. I went with a selfconstucted base of 100 x 100 mm. The figure itself has a sculped basepiece that is just a bit to big for the screaming bell base and I didn't want to cut anything of. I'm really looking forward to getting some paint on this dragon but I might have to finish some other projects on my table first to make some space.

Sunday, 10 June 2018

Hunter Orcs and Ghosty

This week I got a little time to get to some of the Hunter Orcs from last week. Other than that, I got started a Twilight Ringwraith to play as a Nazgûl of Dol Guldur.

Hunter Orcs
Pict 438: Hunter Orcs

These Orcs are finished for now - the first twelve of thirty-six. I pretty happy with some of the war paint but I'm starting to run thin on ideas for new ones. Maybe I'll have to repeat designs in a different colour. Could be a way to tie the red of the banner back in. But I fear that it could be to flashy.

Twilight Ringwraith (WIP)
Pict 439: Twilight Ringwraith (WIP)

I had the Twilight Ringwraiths for some time now but painting them was always a bit daunting. I'm not quite sure about the colour choice. I'll see how it looks once I put down some washes.

Sunday, 3 June 2018

Getting back on the horse

I had a bit of a dry spell of painting since I had pretty little time to hobby. I missed last weeks posting because I hadn't done any painting nor modelling that week. But this week I tried to get back onto the hobby horse and started by finishing my conversion of Narzug mounted on a Fell Warg.

Pict 434: Narzug
Narzug (mounted)
Pict 435: Narzug (mounted)
Narzug (mounted)
Pict 436: Narzug (mounted)
I converted this Orc hero last year to be a part of an evil all-hero army but I didn't finish the painting before the tournament I built the list for. And as it so often is, after the event I just didn't get to him because I got distracted by new and shiny projects. Thus it feels even better to having finished Narzug.
Pict 437: Hunter Orcs (WIP)
After getting to Narzug, I got a taste for Hunter Orcs. I have some thirty Orcs lying about that up until now had a similar fate to Narzug. I'm not taking on all of them at once but have limited myself to a first batch of twelve. Right now I have painted in the eyes and I have started on the highlighting. I'll try and give them all differing warpaint - let's see how that goes...