Sunday, 17 February 2019

The Haqqislam Hype Train

Choo, choo! I seem to be steady on the Haqqislam Hype train and painted some more miniatures for my army: Not only the WIPs from last week, but also the rest of the Hassassin Bahram Starter Box. If I continue in this vain, I'll have painted all of my miniatures before we hit the next league gameday!

Haqqislam Group Shot
Pict 593: Haqqislam Group Shot
Hunzakut, Naffatûn, Ghulam Doctor
Pict 594: Hunzakut, Naffatûn, Ghulam Doctor
Hunzakut, Naffatûn, Ghulam Doctor
Pict 595: Hunzakut, Naffatûn, Ghulam Doctor

This trio was quite fast to paint after last week's posting. I'm looking forward to using the doctor and the Hunzakut with his Camo special rule. And of course a flamethrower is always a nice thing to have, no matter the game!

Hassassin Bahram Starter Box
Pict 596: Hassassin Bahram Starter Box
Hassassin Fiday, Hassassin Muyib
Pict 597: Hassassin Fiday, Hassassin Muyib
Hassassin Fiday, Hassassin Muyib
Pict 598: Hassassin Fiday, Hassassin Muyib

These Hassassins complete the first box for my renewed interest in Infinity. I'm not sure when I'm going to start using them, but the smileyface on the Impersonation marker really makes me want to fit the Fiday in somehow! With the state of the escalation league they just might be to many points

Djanbazan, Ghulam Infantry, Nasmat Remote
Pict 599: Djanbazan, Ghulam Infantry, Nasmat Remote

I had my friend from Out of Couriosity over and while he painted his Rodoks, I got to work on my Ghulam Infantry as well as the Nasmat Engineer Remote and a Djanbazan Sniper. While the Ghulams are almost done, the Remote and the Djanbazan only had their washes done. After those there won't much left to do for the Haqqislam!

Sunday, 10 February 2019

Fog on the Barrow-Downs

These past weeks, I was pretty productive and finished quite a bit starting with Tom, Goldberry and the Hobbits. With them finished I went on to the Daylami Infantry, after which I completed some more Hobbit miniatures.

Fog on the Barrow-Downs
Pict 582: Fog on the Barrow-Downs
Goldberry, Tom Bombadil
Pict 583: Goldberry, Tom Bombadil
Goldberry, Tom Bombadil
Pict 584: Goldberry, Tom Bombadil
Paralysed Hobbits
Pict 585: Paralysed Hobbits

Here is the completed Fog on the Barrow-Downs box. I very much enjoyed painting Goldberry's green dress and building the bases with the paralysed Hobbits on them. I wanted to recreate the scene from the book and thus added the shields, swords and some coins.

Daylami Infantry
Pict 586: Daylami Infantry
Daylami Infantry
Pict 587: Daylami Infantry

The Daylami made for an interesting paintjob - the colours were easy enough to translate on the sculpts. The faces, however, were as always a bit difficult... I blame the older scuplts and I'm looking forward to trying my hand on some of the newer ones.

Pict 588: Beorn
Pict 589: Beorn
Turns out you can get quite a lot done during the course of two week, if you can spare the free time. So this is what I started after I had completed the WIPs from the last post: Beorn as the man and as the bear. I used some Armypainter brown tones on the bear - as an experiment with a different paintline; I like them! I also tried my hand again at wetblending and the result on the coat is goodand I want to incorporate the technique more with my painting.
The base is done up in the same style as my Ironhills Dwarves so that I can ally Beorn in. I also have a spare Beorn in manform and I might convert him to fly on an eagle since I don't have anything better to do with it. Maybe later in the year...

Gundabad Captain
Pict 590: Gundabad Captain
Gundabad Captain
Pict 591: Gundabad Captain

Lastly I also painted the Mickey Mouse Gundabad Captain. This one was quick to paint - Now I might just have to get some more Gundabad Warriors since I was able to whip this one up in just a couple of hours...
Guhlam Doctor, Hunzakut, Naffatun
Pict 583: Guhlam Doctor, Hunzakut, Naffatun
And here is a quick photo of the next leg of my Haqqislam. I picked these out because they seemed to do something cool in the game and sculpts are similar enough to paint the three of them at once.