Sunday, 30 December 2018

Picking up a few Projects

This week I picked up a few projects I started this year and that still stood on my table. I finished the mounted Hunter Orcs, Alfrid and the Morannon Orc Captain and started to work on the Rangers of the North I primed this month.

Mounted Hunter Orcs
Pict 548: Mounted Hunter Orcs
Mounted Hunter Orcs
Pict 549: Mounted Hunter Orcs

I finally managed to paint all my Hunter Orcs. These ones and their mounts were rather quick to paint and I find myself wanting another box of them to round out the army. I'll see if can't find some the first week of the new year in one of the local stores.

Alfrid Lickspittle
Pict 550: Alfrid Lickspittle
Alfrid Lickspittle
Pict 551: Alfrid Lickspittle

Just like the Hunter Orcs, Alfrid was also only missing the highlights and thus was painted during one evening. I'm pretty happy how he turned out - The miniature really lends itself to do different things with all of the textures on the layers of cloth and leather. I'm only unhappy with the face - the eyes make him look sceptical...

Morannon Orc Captain
Pict 552: Morannon Orc Captain
Morannon Orc Captain
Pict 553: Morannon Orc Captain
Morannon Orc Captain
Pict 554: Morannon Orc Captain

This one was a fun little minitature to paint. I really enjoyed doing the shading on the armour and of course the reds of the cloth. The severed head came out ok as well - it's gruesome enough but not to over the top.

Rangers of the North (WIP)
Pict 555: Rangers of the North (WIP)

Lastly here's a picture of the next leg of my Rangers. I started doing the base colours and I hope to finish them this year so that I can add them to my tally. In the first post of the new year I'll add up all my painted models, take a look back and make some resolutions for 2019.

Sunday, 16 December 2018

State of the Table: Many Metal Models

These last few weeks have been a bit slow paintingwise so that I can't show any finished miniatures. What I did instead was to put together the pieces for a few new projects that I want to tackle in the coming weeks.

New Projects: Khand, Rangers, Rivendell
Pict 547: New Projects

So as you can see, there is the first leg of my evil men army from Middle Earth: A host of Riders and Charioteers from Khand and a few easterling heroes. Other than that there are addtions to my Arnor, my Rangers of the North and some pieces for Rivendell.
The models are cleaned up and the basing is done. Right now I'm filling the smaller gaps with layers of Liquid Green Stuff and after that I'll get some putty to fill in the bigger ones. I hope to prime the models once the weather changes to a bit warmer and more arid, but sometimes you just have to wait a bit for the winter.

Sunday, 2 December 2018

Again with the Orcses, eh Precios?

I did it! I managed to finish the remaining Hunter Orcs that I started in mid 2017 - so that's twelve more models added to the painting tally and a good step towards finishing my pledges from the the beginning of the year.

Hunter Orcs
Pict 545: Hunter Orcs
Hunter Orcs
Pict 546: Hunter Orcs

These Hunter Orcs now had to live in the plastic bag limbo of unfinished miniatures for far to long. To complete them I will only have to get a coat of varnish on these twentyfour of the last weeks. After that it's only the five Orcs riding Wargs to finish the Azog's Hunters I have around. To round out my Azog's Hunters I might get some more Hunter Orcs on Wargs and Wargs on their own but I'm very glad to close the chapter on the foot models!