Sunday 19 July 2020

Big Red Turkey

These past few weeks were not that productive hobbywise once more. But I managed to fill the gaps on two big D&D miniatures: the Adult Red Dragon I showed of last time and a Zombie T-Rex.

Adult Red Dragon (WIP)
Pict 908: Adult Red Dragon (WIP)
I also put in some extra time and primed the Red Dragon. For now he's still of the base to have better access to the underside while painting. But I might just start with the base - I dread painting all of the coins and differentiating them from the ground.

Adult Red Dragon (built)
Pict 909: Adult Red Dragon (built)
Adult Red Dragon (built)
Pict 910: Adult Red Dragon (built)

And here is an additional picture of the big flying beast before priming and the Tyrannosaurus Zombie at the same stage of having filled in the gaps. I used green stuff for the bigger gaps - especially on the wings since they came in two parts. I filled the smaller gaps with Vallejo Plastic Putty and also used it to smooth out the borders between the resin and the green stuff.

Tyrannosaurus Zombie (built)
Pict 911:Tyrannosaurus Zombie (built)
Also: the concept of a Zombie T-Rex is simply ridiculous. I love her and have decided to call her Betty (short for Beatrice).