Sunday, 29 November 2020

WHFB: Alith Anar and Shadow Warrios

This week I finished highlighting the Shadow Warrios and Alith Anar for my growing collection of painted Warhammer High Elves.

Alith Anar and Shadow Warriors
Pict 956: Alith Anar and Shadow Warriors
Alith Anar
Pict 957: Alith Anar
Alith Anar was painted right alongside the remaining Shadow Warriors but of course his armour has a lot more bling to it. With the teal arnoud the runes on the sword I introduced a new colour into the scheme. I think I like it so that similar runes will also be this colour from now on.

Shadow Warriors
Pict 958: Shadow Warriors
Shadow Warriors
Pict 959: Shadow Warriors

I really like how these Shadow Warrios came out. I would have been cool to have five unique sculpts in the 7th edition box, but they look great as a unit nonetheless. I might buy a unit of the 6th edition sculpts as well. But that will have to wait until next year - for now I will have to look towards my numbers and paint a few more models to and not buy more...

Mordheim Elf Mage (WIP)
Pict 960: Mordheim Elf Mage (WIP)

After finishing the highlighting on the Shadow Warriors, I started with the base colours on the Mordheim Elf Mage. He will wear similar colours to these stealthy warriors as I imagine him to be self reliant on the road as well.

Sunday, 15 November 2020

Middle-earth: Shelob and the Betrayer

Only three models finished this time around. Reinforcements for my Mordor army: Shelob and another named, the Betrayer.

Pict 950: Shelob
Pict 951: Shelob
Pict 952: Shelob
Shelob is such a lovely model! She looks great rearing up and ready to strike. When I painted the underbelly I pretty much went over everything I had done the last time I showed her as a WIP, but I'm pretty happy with the blend from black over grey to Rakarth Flesh. For the markings on the abdomen I decided to try stipping. The red dots may be to big to count as such but I'm very happy with the grey highlights and transition to the underbelly.
The Betrayer
Pict 953: The Betrayer
The Betrayer
Pict 954: The Betrayer
And here is another Ringwratih; he's named The Betrayer by GW and fits with the look of the Haradrim. I decided, however, to paint him in line with the other Nazgûl and keep to black robes and simple steel armour. I really like the horse mid stride and with the flowing saddle cloth.
Valten, Chosen of Sigmar (WIP)
Pict 955: Valten, Chosen of Sigmar (WIP)
I also started to paint a one-off figure: Valten, Chosen of Sigmar, who is clearly Warhammer's He-Man! I question his choice to stand on a beastman's head like this. I'd probably trip on the horn with the next step...

Sunday, 1 November 2020

Mordor Uruk Hai of Cirith Ungol

This week I did some more work for the Cirith Ungol Legendary Legion I had in mind with Quest of the Ringbearer. Mainly I converted and painted some Modor Uruk-Hai, but I also had the time to get to a few more Orc models.

Mordor and Cirith Ungol
Pict 937: Mordor and Cirith Ungol
Pict 938: Shagrat
Pict 939 - Shagrat
Of course you need Shagrat to lead any Cirith Ungol force. The older model with the mithril coat wears armour surprisingly similar to the Isengard Uruk-Hai but I wanted to change up the colours to dfferentiate the armies. The model with the Shield of Cirith Ungol is very cool as well and the shield was a welcome template to make some more for my converted Mordor Uruk-Hai.
Mordor Uruk-Hai
Pict 940: Mordor Uruk-Hai
Mordor Uruk-Hai
Pict 941: Mordor Uruk-Hai
Mordor Uruk-Hai with Shield (Conversion)
Pict 942: Mordor Uruk-Hai with Shield (Conversion)
Mordor Uruk-Hai with Shield (Conversion)
Pict 943: Mordor Uruk-Hai with Shield (Conversion)
With 18 assorted Uruk-Hai, this is probably enough for any army I want to run. I painted up one set of six painted up as is, the other I converted with Green Stuff and plasticcard so that they all carry sword and shield.
Mordor Uruk-Hai with Bow (Conversion)
Pict 944: Mordor Uruk-Hai with Bow (Conversion)
Mordor Uruk-Hai with Bow (Conversion)
Pict 945: Mordor Uruk-Hai with Bow (Conversion)
The profile also offers the option to take an orc bow and with the Uruk-Hai shoot value being better than an orc's, I wanted six of those as well. So I quickly scuplted some chainmail over the banded mail of Uruk-Hai scouts. Looking at it now, it could be finer, but it works for my taste.
Kardûsh, Gorbag, Grishnák, Snaga, Zagdûsh
Pict 946: Kardûsh, Gorbag, Grishnák, Snaga, Zagdûsh
Kardûsh, Gorbag, Grishnák, Snaga, Zagdûsh
Pict 947: Kardûsh, Gorbag, Grishnák, Snaga, Zagdûsh
After so many Uruks, this bunch of Mordor Orc heroes was the next logical step. I got Gorbag out from the box of orcs and any other named Orc heroes I had along side him. They also painted up quite quickly and getting to use some more colourful skintones was fun as well.
Orc Trackers
Pict 948: Orc Trackers
Orc Trackers
Pict 949: Orc Trackers
Lastly I also painted up these three Orc Trackers. Even though Frodo and Sam are tracked by an Orc and an Uruk-Hai after escaping Cirith Ungol, the Trackers can not be taken as part of the legendary legion. But I'm sure, the miniatures will see some play in a pure Mordor force at some time in the future. The models themselves look a bit out of place with the rest of the Middle-earth range. But I find them endearing in an old school sort of way nonetheless.

Next up could be Orc Captains and Banners, but I will have to finish Shelob as well!