Sunday 25 December 2022

Happy Festag, everyone!

Obviously a short one today – I wish you all happy holidays! A few bits and pieces got painted nonetheless: my human Blitz Bowl Team and a few bits of sci-fi scatter terrain.

Blitz Bowl Humans
Pict 1253: Blitz Bowl Humans
Blitz Bowl Humans
Pict 1254: Blitz Bowl Humans

First up the Blitz Bowl Team – I really like the bright and classic colours. And the painting did not take that long because I did not go with as may highlights as I might usually do. The only thing missing from the Blitz Bowl box is a set of transfers with player numbers. I might have to have a lookout online... I'm also quite pleased with how the bases turned out. Really simple but still characteristic.

Blitz Bowl Dwarves (WIP)
Pict 1255: Blitz Bowl Dwarves (WIP)

The other team in the second edition Blitz Bowl box are the dwarves and I have made a good start on them as well. I had a hard time of choosing a colour scheme but thanks to a comment left by Sachiel, I went with orange as the main colour and went from there. With a bit of luck, I might just be able to finish them this year!

Inquisition Crate and Barrels
Pict 1256: Inquisition Crate and Barrels

I also painted up some quick pieces of sci-fi scatter terrain. The crate with the inquision logo is technically a 40k bit but I think you could get away with using it in 30k or even Infinity. It was painted the usual way while the barrels were highlighted with sponged on layers after the wash for a grimy, textured look.

So this will probably be it for this year, the next post will be my end of the year summary and look ahead at 2023!

Sunday 11 December 2022

A Blood Angels Leviathan Dreadnought

Just a quick update this week since I only finished one miniature in the past two weeks: the Blood Angels Leviathan. I also started work, however, on a big squad of Assault Marines for the Blood Angels as well.

Blood Angels Leviathan
Pict 1248: Blood Angels Leviathan
Blood Angels Leviathan
Pict 1249: Blood Angels Leviathan
Blood Angels Leviathan
Pict 1250: Blood Angels Leviathan
Blood Angels Leviathan
Pict 1251: Blood Angels Leviathan

The Leviathan really is an impressive kit. I had trouble handling him while painting – he's just that big! Even with all the addional bling provided by the Blood Angel specific miniature, I had quite a lot of fun using decals to put on additional heraldry.

Blood Angels Assault Marines (WIP)
Pict 1252: Blood Angels Assault Marines (WIP)

The next big project for the Blood Angels will be these 15 Assault Marines. You really can't do Blood Angels without some Jumppack Troops. And of course I have the Apothecary and the Preator with Jumppacks painted to go with this squad.
Even with the diffenent steps pretty much locked in, I will probably have to break the big group up into three smaller ones. I fear to go insane batchpainting to many at once...