Sunday, 16 February 2020

Rohan Reinforcements, Nazgûl and a Blue Angel

Rohan vs. Wraiths
Pict 829: Rohan vs. Wraiths
Not to be overcome with Uruk-Hai, I painted some reinforcements for my Rohan army and put them to good use in a doubles tournament this past saturday. I also quickly whipped up a few wraiths from Mordor while I was in the Middle-earth mindset. I also put the finishing touches on Bertrand and Hugo that were almost finished during my last entry. To round out my painting, I then got onto a planetar for my D&D games.

Dernhelm and Merry (mounted)
Pict 830: Dernhelm and Merry (mounted)
Dernhelm (mounted)
Pict 831: Dernhelm (mounted)

Éowyn (Death of Gothmog)
Pict 832: Éowyn (Death of Gothmog)
I started painting the Rohan heroes of with Dernhelm since I needed her for the tournament. My doubles partner (you can see more of his over at SmallThingsModelling) could have lend me his version but nothing is better to motivate me to paint than a deadline such as a tournament. I then threw in the crawling Éowyn from the 'Death of Gothmog' diorama.

Théodred and Rohan Captain (mounted)
Pict 833: Théodred and Rohan Captain (mounted)
Théodred and Rohan Captain (on foot)
Pict 834: Théodred and Rohan Captain (on foot)
After they finished up rather nicely, I went into my drawer of primed Rohan miniatures and took out Théodred and the Captain. Up until now I never had a reason to paint them but the former got a cool new Legendary Legion in the 'War in Rohan' supplement and I might just use the Captain in an all-hero army. I'm still lacking a painted Gamling with the royal banner however so that model might jump the queue?

Riders of Rohan
Pict 835: Riders of Rohan
Other than Dernhelm, the two riders had to be painted for the doubles tournament. While they are not my best paintjobs, I'm happy with how they look. There are now only four more Riders of Rohan primed and if I painted them, I would have 24 in total. That seems like a reasonable amount (there are quite a few more in my box of shame though...) and it might even be doable in the coming weeks?

The Shadowlord, the Knight of Umbar and Castellans of Dol Guldur
Pict 836: The Shadowlord, the Knight of Umbar and Castellans of Dol Guldur
The Shadowlord, the Knight of Umbar and Castellans of Dol Guldur
Pict 837: The Shadowlord, the Knight of Umbar and Castellans of Dol Guldur
The other list we were running at the doubles event called for a Castellan of Dol Guldur. I knew I had these two primed and ready to be painted but they were rather far down my queue. However since I had them on my mind from the list building process, I decided to slap some paint on them. Of course they are pretty much only metal and dark cloth so they painted up rather fast. Spurred on by the quick success, I also painted the two named Ringwraiths I sill had lying about: the Shadowlord and the Knight of Umbar.

The Bowmen of Bergerac - Bertrand le Brigand, Hugo le Petit and Gui le Gros
Pict 838: The Bowmen of Bergerac - Bertrand le Brigand, Hugo le Petit and Gui le Gros

Bertrand le Brigand
Pict 839: Bertrand le Brigand
Hugo le Petit
Pict 840: Hugo le Petit
Bertrand and Hugo pretty much done with my last post. They had to sit idly on my desk though while I went on my Rohan and Morder painting spree. But after I had varnished everything above, I finished the two of them. Again: the models are really amazing, especially for their age (the first mention in a catalogue was from the 1997 Annual with a copyright from 1996, they had profiles in the 5th edition of WHFB). I suppose, they will only be used in D&D but if I ever get around to play Mordheim or Warhammer Fantasy Skirmish, they would be first in line!

Planetar (WIP)
Pict 841: Planetar (WIP)
Speaking of D&D: I have some of the bigger models that are primed and ready to go sitting on my desk at all times. (Amongst them a Beholder, a Carmine Dragon as well as two Balrogs.) They always accuse me of not getting a move on and painting them... Last week I finally gave in to their cries and started to work on this planetar made by Gale Force Nine for the D&D Collector's Series. I have to say that the older models of the product line were a bit better: The detail on the planetar's greaves and braces was slightly washed out and I had to resculpt some of the feathers where a big moldline was running right through them. Nonetheless the model looks quite cool and I look forward to finishing it next week.

Sunday, 2 February 2020

Uruk-Hai Scouts and Ballista

In the past two weeks, I once more painted up some Uruk-Hai. I also got to a fun project of some rather old Bretonnia miniatures that were far down the painting queue, but I somehow got the bug to get some paint onto them.

Uruk-Hai Scouts and Ballista
Pict 818: Uruk-Hai Scouts and Ballista
Uruk-Hai Scouts with Bows
Pict 819: Uruk-Hai Scouts with Bows
Uruk-Hai Scouts with Bows
Pict 820: Uruk-Hai Scouts with Bows
Continuing the theme of painting Uruk-Hai, I painted up these six Uruk Scouts with bows. I plan on painting even more of the metal scouts as they make for a cheap addition to my Ferals and Berserkers as well as a fun army on their own led by Lurtz or Uglúk and Mauhúr. One of bows was a bit damaged since I sourced these miniatures second hand. But once they rank up for the game the damage is unnoticable.

Uruk-Hai Shaman and Banner
Pict 821: Uruk-Hai Shaman and Banner
Uruk-Hai Shaman and Banner
Pict 822: Uruk-Hai Shaman and Banner
And here is the rest of the command groups, I had showed in my last post. The two shamans with their skulls and bones look a bit to much like Warhammer Fantasy miniatures, but they might see some games to make my Uruks fearless. The Warrior with banner looks really cool, but the smaller embossed hands on the banner are a bit crooked. Additionally he is quite prone to fall over so that I plan to get myself one of the other bannerbearers.

Uruk-Hai Siege Ballista
Pict 823: Uruk-Hai Siege Ballista
Uruk-Hai Siege Ballista
Pict 824: Uruk-Hai Siege Ballista
I really like this model of the Uruk Siege Ballista! The siege engine itself looks quite funcional with the stand that might be adjusted to change the angle of the bolt and the crank being worked by one of the crew. It also painted up rather quickly since as with the rest of the Uruk aesthetic it's quite simple.

Sharkey and Worm
Pict 825: Sharkey and Worm
Sharkey and Worm
Pict 826: Sharkey and Worm
While I was painting up the Shamans and the Bannerbearer, I also put some paint on this dynamic dou here: Sharkey and Worm. They probably will only ever be played as NPCs in D&D since they represent what becomes of Saruman and Grima after the fall of Isengard. I would have to collect and paint quite a few Ruffians to play them as a Scouring of the Shire army.

Gui le Gros
Pict 827: Gui le Gros
And lastly here is a model that I painted up only for myself and for my collection. Gui le Gros clearly had a bit much to drink but luckily he's carrying his own barrel of wine with himself. The face is really quite characterfull and I loved painting him!

Bertrand le Brigand, Hugo le Petit (WIP)
Pict 828: Bertrand le Brigand, Hugo le Petit (WIP)
The other two miniatures that came with Gui le Gros are Bertrand le Brigand an Hugo le Petit. Bertrand and Hugo are almost done as well but not quite there. Bertrand is clearly modeled on Errol Flynn and Gui on Eugene Pallette from the same film. Sadly Hugo falls out of the scheme, but they make for quite the merry band of men!