Sunday, 27 August 2017

The Dark Lord repainted

The past two weeks were mostly spent painting the Iron Hills Chariot, but I also made some time to repaint Sauron, the fallen Elendil and Isildur. Once I had started on painting black, I wanted to keep the train going and painted a Witchking.

The Dark Lord and friend
Pict 233: The Dark Lord and friend
Pict 234: Sauron
Pict 235: Sauron

I painted Sauron sometime during the last two years, but I had planned to use him and the fallen Númenoreans in a diorama and thus had put them on a large base. Now that I want to use Sauron in scenarios and maybe in games, I ripped him from the old base, stripped the paint of him and started anew.

Pict 236: Elendil, Isildur
 Elendil and Isildur got the same treatment as Sauron and will now be used as objective markers. Some of the new scenarios for the Hobbit SBG will require six markers, so I will have to be creative. Maybe I'll chop up a Gil-Galad and some orcs?

The Witchking
Pict 237: The Witchking
The Witchking
Pict 238: The Witchking
This particular Witchking of Angmar comes from the Final Fate of the Witchking Diorama and in my opinion it's the best footmodel for the Witchking Games Workshop ever produced. I really like the pose with sword and flail in hand. I decided against using the dioramabase (similar reasoning as with Sauron) and put him on a normal GW base. At first I had him on a usual 25mm one, but since the miniature has slightly bigger than the other LotR miniatures, it didn't look quite right. Thus I went with 32mm base that matches his bulk in the end.

Iron Hills Chariot (WIP)
Pict 239: Iron Hills Chariot (WIP)

Lastly here's a WIP picture of the Iron Hills Chariot so far. The base is almost finished, it's only missing the snow. That will have to wait until the Chariot is mounted on the base. The Iron Hills Captain that's going to be the driver is done, but the rest of the crew is still mainly basecoated in Boltgun Metal. The work on the Chariot itself is also far along with the washes and the first highlights done. The main thing missing are the goats. Those I am dreading a little since I really didn't want to paint more goats after I had finished the goatriders.

Sunday, 13 August 2017

Dáin has sent for help - and a Chariot and Dwarves with Crossbows answer the call

So this week was another quite productive one. Besides some more stuff for the next DnD adventure, I finished miniatrues for Warhammer 40k and the Middle Earth SBG. And as you read in the title, I put together a chariot and some Crossbow wielding Dwarves for my Iron Hills Army.

Iron Hills Chariot (WIP)
Pict 226:  Iron Hills Chariot (WIP)

Iron Hills Dwarves with Crossbows (WIP)
Pict 227: Iron Hills Dwarves with Crossbows (WIP)
First up I have to show the new Dwarves. The Chariot is a dream of a model - it looks amazing and goes together quite nicely; only the goat's horns don't connect that good and there was a gap to fill on all of the goat's brows. Even though I usually don't like to do so, I kept the Chariot in subassemblies to be able to get to all the surfaces. I'm going to use the Captain as the driver and the normal dwarf driver will be used as additional Crew for the Ballista.
The Dwarves carrying crossbows are really great as well. I like the underslung design of the Crossbows and the size of the bolts alone should be enough to take out some Orcs.

Pict 228: Gargoyles

Pict 229: Gargoyles
Fell Wargs
Pict 230: Fell Wargs
Wednesday afternoon, a friend came over to paint and I used this time to finish up two Gargoyles for my DnD collection. Since they were finished ratehr fast, I also continued work on the Azog's Hunters Army with six Fell Wargs.

Tyranid Ravenors
Pict 231: Tyranid Ravenors
Tyranid Ravenors
Pict 232: Tyranid Ravenors
After the Wargs were done, I had a fit of nostagia and painted up two Tyranid Ravenors. The Tyranids were my first Warhammer 40k army and my colourscheme has changed quite a bit over the years, but I kept them in line with the Kraken Scheme the main part of my army is painted righ now. The scheme borrows heavily from the main scheme of the 3rd edtion Tyranid Codex but I use less red. Since I only have the two of them right now, I will have to use them as a unit under strength in 40k, but they will also serve as Ankhegs in DnD.

Sunday, 6 August 2017

The Poxwalkers done and finally some more DnD

With the Poxwalkers and more done, this week was quite good for the tally. Besides the progress with the Death Guard I finished up some Dungeons and Dragons miniatures for a game on friday.

Pict 218: Poxwalkers
First up are the remaining 18 Poxwalkers from the Dark Imperium box, halve of which are converted for mor variety. I went for bright colours with the oranges, greens and blues. Other than that the main work was done with different washes.

Bugbear D&D
Pict: 219 Bugbear
Bugbear D&D
Pict 220: Bugbear
Hellhounds D&D
Pict 221: Hellhounds
Hellhounds D&D
Pict 222: Hellhound
Next up are three more miniatures for DnD. The bugbear stood on my paintingtable for months only waiting for the final highlights. Thus he finished up pretty fast and I was then able to get to work on two Hellhounds. They come in a clear plastic, but I decided to just spray them white and then lay down progressivly darker tones from yellow to dark red.

Foetid Bloat-Drone (WIP)
Pict 223: Foetid Bloat-Drone (WIP)
Foetid Bloat-Drone (WIP)
Pict 224: Foetid Bloat-Drone(WIP)
Death Guard (WIP)
Pict 225: Death Guard (WIP)
Lastly here are some miniatures I worked on during this last week. The Bloat-Drone is really getting there - only the highlights are missing. The Lord of Contagion and the Plaguecaster have their basecoats (almost) done and are awaiting the washes, while the Plaguemarines are only now getting the first layer of white armour.

With 21 miniatures added to the tally of painted models, I already painted more miniatures than I painted in 2015, so there's a first goal achived. I didn't finish up the Hunter Orcs in time for the tournament last weekend, but they performed well nonetheless. Right now they are rowed up on my table again...