Sunday, 29 July 2018

Zuggtmoy the Demon Queen of Fungi

Things are slowing down with the real-life and the heat taking my time and energy to paint away. But I found the time to paint another miniature from the Dungeons and Dragons Collector's Series: Zuggtmoy, the Demon Queen of Fungi.

Zuggtmoy, Demon Queen of Fungi
Pict 471: Zuggtmoy, Demon Queen of Fungi
Zuggtmoy, Demon Queen of Fungi
Pict 472: Zuggtmoy, Demon Queen of Fungi
Zuggtmoy, Demon Queen of Fungi
Pict 473: Zuggtmoy, Demon Queen of Fungi
Zuggtmoy, Demon Queen of Fungi
Pict 474: Zuggtmoy, Demon Queen of Fungi

I tried to emulate the colours of the oficial art of Zuggtmoy's monster entry. I really enjoyed painting with the vibrant colours and blended them wet on the miniature - something I usually don't try. Here, it seved as a great foundation to built on with serveral layers of washes and other diluted paints. After that I only had to pick out the details like the eyes and the shelf-like fungi and lighter patches.

Sunday, 15 July 2018

Frodo, Sam, Merry and Pippin (and a Bloodhawk)

This week saw the completion of the four Hobbits Frodo, Sam, Merry and Pippin. I also painted one more miniature from the Diablo II line.

Frodo, Sam, Merry, Pippin
Pict 467: Frodo, Sam, Merry, Pippin
Frodo, Sam, Merry, Pippin
Pict 468: Frodo, Sam, Merry, Pippin

The Halflings were a quick paint since the colors were already decided upon and I only had to do the highlights. As ever the faces proved to be difficult and the impending end of my usual detail brush's  life, didn't help that either. I like them a litte more colourful than my usual Hobbits esspecially Pippin since he's from a rich family and sould be able to afford the red dye for his cloak. Having one colour for each also makes it easier to distinguish them during play.

Bloodhawk (Diablo II)
Pict 469: Bloodhawk (Diablo II)
Bloodhawk (Diablo II)
Pict 470: Bloodhawk (Diablo II)

I also went ahead and painted this Bloodhawk. He's a neat little miniature with his devil-face instead of a bird's beak and I'm pretty happy whith the reds on his wings. Other than that I didn't have to much time, so that other projects that came along are not even ready for WIP pictures.

Sunday, 8 July 2018

More D&D Monsters and Adventurous Hobbits

Riding the wave of D&D miniatures, I finished some more monsters for my menagerie: one Diablo II Goat Demon and two Displacer Beasts by WizKids. I also got started on the four Hobbits in Balin's tomb.

D&D Monsters
Pict 461: D&D Monsters

Goat Demon
Pict 462: Goat Demon
Goat Demon
Pict 463: Goat Demon
Goat Demon
Pict 464: Goat Demon

I wanted this Goat Demon to be different from the Beastmen I have and thus opted for black fur. I'm rather happy with the contrast between these dark areas and the lighter skin. The demon is part of the same set of Diablo II monsters as the skeleton I painted in march. The complete set consists of only four more, so maybe I'll try and complete it within the next few weeks?

Displacer Beast
Pict 465: Displacer Beast

These two were rather quick to paint since the main area is simply black, highlighted with a very dark blue-gray. The casts themselves are ok, but you could improve them by smoothing out the seams where different parst meet - and you do have to clean up quite a few moldlines. But they are alright as gaming pieces and with the paint and bases, they are ready for some action.

Frodo, Sam, Merry, Pippin (WIP)
Pict 466: Frodo, Sam, Merry, Pippin (WIP)
Lastly I made a start on the Hobbits from the original fellowship for the Balin's tomb display. I have put down the main colours and washes and after they have dried, I hope to get some highlights and details on them today as well.

Sunday, 1 July 2018

More Gnolls and Revisiting my New Year's Resolutions

This week's progress consists of two more Gnoll Warriors. I started them when I did the one last week, but then they were not far enough along to warrant a picture. I kept the coulors pretty much the same as before but these miniatures by WizKids do stand out since they are bigger.

Gnoll Warriors
Pict 454: Gnoll Warriors
Besides that: With this week, half of the year is over I wanted to take the opportunity to check in on my New Year's resolutions. I know that I didn't get to all and I hope this post will maybe help me to priotise them. At the start of the year I wanted to get to a few of last year's projets: the Tyranids, the Iron Hills Dwarves and the Hunter Orcs.

Pict 455: Tyranids
Pict 456: Iron Hills Dwarves
Hunter Orcs (WIP)
Pict 457: Hunter Orcs (WIP)

I'll count the Tyranids and the Iron Hills as sucesses, but I'll still have to finish twentyfour Hunter Orcs on foot and five mounted on Fell Wargs. I also still have a whole bunch of Termagants in a box and I'd be happy to get to them in the second part of the year but I don't see them as a necessity.

White Council in Dol Goldur
Pict 458: White Council in Dol Goldur
The Fellowship in Balin's Tomb (WIP)
Pict 459: The Fellowship in Balin's Tomb (WIP)

The dioramas however will have to be finished. The White Council in Dol Guldur was completed at the end of May but Balin's Tomb still looks way to pale. At least I finished Aragorn; but Boromir, Gimli, the Hobbits and the base itself are still left to do.

Hobbit Archers
Pict 460: Hobbit Archers

Lastly I spoke of plans to put together a Battle Company of Hobbits. I'm not sure if I still want to do those now that I completed the Arnor company. I think an evil force might be more interesting... But I guess my fancy will take me to new and different projects anyway.