Sunday 27 December 2020

Mordheim: Elf Mage

These past two weeks saw me finishing up the highlights on the Mordheim Elf Mage for my Highelf Army as well as building the miniatures for a new project: Halflings, Wild Elves and Monsters from ArcWorlde.

Mordheim Elf Mage
Pict 966: Mordheim Elf Mage
Mordheim Elf Mage
Pict 967: Mordheim Elf Mage
I took my time with this model to really paint it up to a high standart for me and do it justice. The sculpt is from 2004 and really holds up well - you'd expect nothing less from a Juan Diaz scuplt. With the staff and the right hand outstreched, he looks like he can hold his own on the road (and also a bit like a Jedi...). As planned, the colours are similar to my Shadow Warriors, but I added more red to the lining of the cloak to tie him in with the rest of my High Elves.

ArcWorlde Forest Dragon
Pict 968: ArcWorlde Forest Dragon
Wild Elven Warrior with Bow
Pict 969: Wild Elven Warrior with Bow
Pict 970: Mjowls
I also got myself a nice little package from Warploque Miniatures, a small business around Alex Huntley, who designs the miniatures as well as the rule to use them with: ArcWorlde - The Narrative Fantasy Battle Game. I fell in love with the style of the miniatures, which are all hand-scuplted. You can really feel the human touch they have! Stand outs have to be the big Forest Dragon, the creepy and lanky Wild Elves and of course the Mjowls – relatives of gryphons but put together from owls and cats; amazingly cute!

Sunday 13 December 2020

Valten, Chosen of Sigmar

I spent these past two week finishing the highlights on Valten, the Chosen of Sigmar. Other than that I also converted some metal Warg riders for my Mordor army and built a few other models.

Valten, Chosen of Sigmar
Pict 961: Valten, Chosen of Sigmar
Valten, Chosen of Sigmar
Pict 962: Valten, Chosen of Sigmar
As I said in my last post, Valten clearly is the He-Man of the Warhammer World, screaming "I have the power" and letting Sigmar's might flow through him. I really enjoyed painting him - he has a great balance of flatter areas and mor detailed ones. The Beastman on the base doesn't really make that much sense, being cut in half right through the torso and the smith's apron is seemingly not fastened in the back...

Warg Rider (Conversion)
Pict 963: Warg Rider (Conversion)
Warg Rider (Conversion)
Pict 964: Warg Rider (Conversion)
Warg Rider (Conversion)
Pict 965: Warg Rider (Conversion)
And here are my metal Warg riders - the three on the right are unaltered and the three others are converted. I hacked them up not only to get more poses out of them, it also is not that sensible to have so many of them armed with bows. Cutting of these arms and quivers was a bit cumbersome but I like how they came out. So much that I considered getting more of them, but for now I was able to resist.