Sunday, 30 September 2018

Building Osgiliath: Progress with the Putty

This week I was furthering my Osgiliath project, but I also got around to swing the paintbrush around a bit. Nothing completed but some progess nonetheless.

Osgiliath Ruins (WIP - Putty)
Pict 514: Osgiliath Ruins (WIP - Putty)
Osgiliath Ruins (WIP - Putty)
Pict 515: Osgiliath Ruins (WIP - Putty)

Here is a first look at what I want to achive with the putty on my ruins. I have gone over pretty much all of the seams and the bigger one on the edge of the building had some structure added to completely hide it. I'm not perfectly happy with how the flagstones on the upper floor came out, but I'll try and blend it in. It was my first time using Miliput and I have to say that I really like the rigid feel of it, now that it cured.

Goblintown Plattform (WIP)
Pict 516: Goblintown Plattform (WIP)

I also mashed together the leftovers wooden floors from the Osgiliath ruins. I cut into the flat edges, put the three pieces together and glued on some remaining stilts from the Goblintown set. Once the plattform has been sprayed I will start to paint it and the walkways.

Defenders of Rohan - Théoden and Éomer (WIP)
Pict 517: Defenders of Rohan - Théoden and Éomer (WIP)

Here are some miniatures I'm working on at the moment. They were started along with the mounted versions last week, but I didn't even have the time to get the basic colours down. They now had their first layers and the washes done. As you can see the eyes are in that comicly clownlike stage when I haven't cleaned them up around them with the skin colour.

Vax'ildan - Limited Edition (WIP)
Pict 518: Vax'ildan - Limited Edition (WIP)

And since I'm a butterfly I couldn't just stay with these projects and thus started work on this Vax'ildan by Steamforged Games. Since I backed their Critical Role Kickstarted but since we will have to wait a little longer I also got this limited Vax'ildan. The sculpt and casting are great, I only had to clean up little bits. I followed the scheme they put out on their website - the washes are down and like with Théoden and Éomer only the highlights are waiting to be done.

Sunday, 23 September 2018

Arise, arise Riders of Théoden!

Putting the Osgiliath scenery on hold for a week, I painted up some Riders of Rohan as well as Théoden and Éomer in their Pelennor garb.

Pict 504: Rohirrim
Théoden (Pelennor)
Pict 505: Théoden (Pelennor)
Théoden (Pelennor)
Pict 506: Théoden (Pelennor)
Théoden (Pelennor)
Pict 507: Théoden (Pelennor)
Éomer, Knight of the Pelennor
Pict 508: Éomer, Knight of the Pelennor
Éomer, Knight of the Pelennor
Pict 509: Éomer, Knight of the Pelennor

With the new rules Théoden seems to be a must-take in any Rohan army so that I had to paint this mounted version of the King of Rohan. Since the Éomer, Knight of the Pelennor miniature is rather similar, I painted them in tandem. I really like the two sculpts - the only complaint I have is that Éomer does not have his sword Gúthwinë with the signature curved horseheads as the crossguard. Fortunately I had a spare and quickly replaced it.

Riders of Rohan
Pict 510: Riders of Rohan
Riders of Rohan
Pict 511: Riders of Rohan
And here are a few more warriors - I started two of the normal riders and the banner bearer back in 2015 so that I only had to finish up the eyes and the highlights. It went rather quickly considering I had put it off for over three years...

Rohan Army (555 points)
Pict 512: Rohan Army (555 points)
After painting these riders, I dusted off my Rohan army to patch them up a bit and give them all good coat of matte varnish. I used a contigent of normal Riders and Royal Guard led by the newly painted Théoden, Éomer as well as Éowyn as my army for a tournament on Saturday.

Weta Sideshow Collectibles Legolas Bust
Pict 513: Weta Sideshow Collectibles Legolas Bust
The Riders perfomed very well - even though I lost the first battle (against Morannon Orcs and the Witchking - points for style!), I absolutely destroyed my second opponent (Morannon Orcs again with Gorbag, Shagrat and a Great Beast of Gororoth) and managed to eek out a small vicotry against the last (he played Isengard with some Berserkers, Lurtz and Vraskû with a contingent of crossbows). With that I made second place which is nice; but more importantely, I was voted the fairest player and awarded with this very nice Legolas bust by Weta. All in all an amazing day!

Sunday, 16 September 2018

Building Osgiliath: More Ruins Built

Continuing with last week's big project, I built the rest of the Osgiliath ruins and some Goblintown bits since I was already doing scenery.

Ruins of Osgiliath (WIP)
Pict 498: Ruins of Osgiliath (WIP)
Ruins of Osgiliath (WIP)
Pict 499: Ruins of Osgiliath (WIP)
 As you can see, I got to some more construction work. The next step will be to fill in all the gaps with putty. I started the process after taking these pictures, but it'll take some more time - especially with the Warhammer scenery.

Ruins of Osgiliath, former Witchfate Tor (WIP)
Pict 500: Ruins of Osgiliath, former Witchfate Tor (WIP)
Ruins of Osgiliath, former Witchfate Tor (WIP)
Pict 501: Ruins of Osgiliath, former Witchfate Tor (WIP)
Ruins of Osgiliath, former Witchfate Tor (before/after)
Pict 502: Ruins of Osgiliath, former Witchfate Tor (before/after)

And here is what I was able to do with the top layer of the Witchfate Tor. I like the arches, as they are an element prevalant with Númenorean architecture. First I removed spikes and pinnacles of the top. I then broke through the wall where I wanted the gateways to be. For two of the four wall sections, I only took out the middle wall. The two others will lose all of their walls so that only the arcades will remain - right now they are still good to illustrate the state before my saw got to them. Lastly there were still a whole bunch of skulls and shields that I didn't want want on my Osgiliath ruins. Some of them I could just scrape of, but the others' remains will have to be puttied over.

Goblintown Walkways (WIP)
Pict 503: Goblintown Walkways (WIP)

I also built the last remaining Goblintown walkways I had laying about. I still have more of the posts, so maybe I'll cobble together even more, once I get the board out. They should be a rather fast paintjob with lots of drybrushing after the black basecoat.

Sunday, 9 September 2018

A new big project: Building Osgiliath

This week I used my hobbytime by starting on the terrain for a new gaming board.

Ruins of Osgiliath (WIP)
Pict 494: Ruins of Osgiliath (WIP)

I bought one of the Ruins of Osgiliath multipack with my set of the new rules. I had my eye on these ruins for some time and with the new edition, I felt like I had a good excuse to pull the trigger. The kit is really nice, but it really takes a long time to scrape all those moldlines... After building one of the sets as suggested, I looked for ways to customise the remaining pieces.

Ruins of Osgiliath (WIP)
Pict 495: Ruins of Osgiliath (WIP)
Ruins of Osgiliath (WIP)
Pict 496: Ruins of Osgiliath (WIP)

As I tried out some combinations, I rembered my second Witchfate Tor that's laying about in pieces.
I knew that I wanted to incorporate parts to get some circular pieces. The biggest problem here are the unnumbered skulls littering the place. But I'll see what I can do. For now the next step is to put the rest of the ruins together and fill all the gaps with putty.

Ruins of Osgiliath (very WIP)
Pict 497: Ruins of Osgiliath (very WIP)

Sunday, 2 September 2018

Spooky Twilight Ringwraiths

Again with some progess this week - I painted some more old Middle-Earth SBG miniatures: The three Twilight Ringwraiths. Other than that I also made headway with more Termagants.

Attack at Amon Sûl
Pict 490: Attack at Amon Sûl
Twilight Ringwraiths
Pict 491: Twilight Ringwraiths
Twilight Ringwraiths
Pict 492: Twilight Ringwraiths

I had these on my table for some time now - I put them off because I didn't want to highlight the white parts. It always takes so many layers... But I finally powered through and I happy with them how they are right now. The contrasts and shadows are quite stark - more than I'd usually do them. It's a bit of a different style - maybe if I had additional copies I'd do them differenty, but for now they will do.

Pict 493: Termagants

And here are some more of the Termagants. As usual, I followed my standard for Kraken - with one exeption: One of the Gants has an additonal highlight of Wild Rider Red on the carapace. I'll use him as a specialist in Kill Team and wanted him to stand out some more.

With the release of a new edition of the Middle-Earth Strategy Battle Game, I might focus on that in the next weeks. First up I want to dust of my Rohirrim and maybe add some Riders.