Sunday, 21 March 2021

A Start to a new gaming board

These past weeks, I only finished painting one tile of my Realm of Battle board and prepared some models for priming – so only a quick update today.

Realm of Battle Tile
Pict 1008: Realm of Battle Tile

Finally I got a real start on the gaming board I want to do this year. Here is a first tile of my Realm of Battle board. I struggled a bit with the greenery - at first it looked to regular with every patch pretty much the same size. But after realizing this, I went back and connected a few and added some smaller ones, so that now I'm pretty happy with the result! The grass matches the other scenery I did in January so everything should look cohesive when its all done, I hope.
Elendil mounted (Conversion)
Pict 1009: Elendil mounted (Conversion)
Other than that I prepared a few more models for priming. Among these is this conversion of Elendil, High King of the Dúnedain mounted on a horse. I cut an Elendil on foot in half and made sure to also remove the wing shaped tassets protecting his thighs. I then stuck this back onto a mounted Aragorn, Elessar and resculpted the piece of cloth under the tassets and connected the two pieces of cloak.

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