Sunday 28 April 2024

Treebeard and Orcs

Long time no see! Man, the real-life did take over for a few weeks there... Still, I managed to finish Treebeard as well as two more Mordor Orcs to play at a tournament. I also did some more work on a load more Orcs and Warg Riders as well as building some more reinforcements for my Legions Imperialis Blood Angels.

Pict 1433: Treebeard
Pict 1434: Treebeard
Pict 1435: Treebeard

I love this older metal version of Treebeard! I like it better than the new one, because you can see how it was done by hand with putty. He does look a bit small in comparison with the Forge World Quickbeam, but he still towers over the normal infantry of MESBG. Once again, adding the foliage really brought the model to life! Playing the three Ent heroes with Merry and Pippin on Treebeard's back at the tournament was great fun even if some match ups were not optimal.

Mordor Orcs
Pict 1436: Mordor Orcs
Mordor Orcs
Pict 1437: Mordor Orcs

These two Mordor Orcs with shield and spear were the missing pieces to get my Black Gate army up to 500 points for the tournament. In the end I did not play the list at all, but I'm pretty happy with the paint jobs. The conversions are a bit older, but alright. If I was to do them now, I'd probably try and use the superior metal Orcs as the base. Still, I really like the looted Númenor shield with the eye of Sauron painted over it!

Mordor Orcs, Warg Riders and Sharkû (WIP)
Pict 1438: Mordor Orcs, Warg Riders and Sharkû (WIP)

While I painted the two Orcs I needed, I also pulled out a smattering of similar miniatures – some more Orcs and the Warg Riders, I keep putting of. I added in Sharkû and Wild Warg Chieftain into the latter ones. They all are now basecoated and washed and hopefully wont take to long to highlight.

Legions Imperialis Drop Pods and Land Raider Proteus Explorers
Pict 1439: Legions Imperialis Drop Pods and Land Raider Proteus Explorers

Now, since there were a few more miniatures released for Legions Imperialis, I had to get a load of the Drop Pods to add to my Blood Angels. These are really lovely models! I am in love with the fact that they work exactly like the 28mm versions. From a gameplay perspective it would have been nice, to get more of them in a box and sacrifice the movable parts. Nevertheless, while I will play with them, I love them this way from a modelling perspective.


  1. I like the orcs, they have great themed look. Good job on Treebeard as well.