Sunday 23 June 2024

More Legions Imperialis Blood Angels and a Big Terrain Feature

These past two weeks, I mainly painted some more Blood Angels for my Legions Imperialis collection, finishing up the Missile Support Marines from the last post and putting some good work into my flyers. In the bigger scale, I also worked on the base colours for a Zone Mortalis board.

Legions Imperialis Blood Angels on the Defense
Pict 1444: Legions Imperialis Blood Angels on the Defense
Legions Imperialis Blood Angels Missile Launcher Support Marines
Pict 1445: Legions Imperialis Blood Angels Missile Launcher Support Marines

First up, I finished the Missile Launcher Support Marines for Legions Imperialis. The eye lenses were a bit tricky since they are not only incredibly small but also hidden behind the arms holding up the launchers. Nevertheless I'm quite happy with them! They even got to feature in another game, in which they did less than usual, but still were a menace. I do hope to get through the remainder of the infantry at a similar rate. In batches of four they don't take that long and, what's more, they don't drive me insane by the sheer number of them!

Legions Imperialis Emplacement
Pict 1446: Legions Imperialis Emplacement
Legions Imperialis Emplacement
Pict 1447: Legions Imperialis Emplacement

I also painted up this small scrach built emplacement in the small scale to add something more to my photos of LI miniautures. Its made from some plastic scrap, a LI Sicaran turret, a 28mm Razorback Lascannon and a few random bits. I'm pretty happy with the way it turned out – it is simple, but that means it wont take away from the miniatures I want to photograph along side it.

Aeronautica / Legions Imperialis Blood Angels Air Force (WIP)
Pict 1448: Aeronautica / Legions Imperialis Blood Angels Air Force (WIP)

I also got to do some work on a bunch of flyers for my Legions Imperialis / Aeronautica Collection. The decals really do some heavy lifting to add details without having to paint them. And once the oilwash is on there, the model starts to come together. I already painted in the canopies and adding some highlights to the details as well as the bigger black and red surfaces should not take that much longer!

Zone Mortalis Reactor (WIP)
Pict 1449: Zone Mortalis Reactor (WIP)

Lastly I also invested a few evenings to work on some more 28mm terrain, in this case a tile for my Zone Mortalis board. While I played a few games of Heresy ZM at a club and I would really like to do that with my own collection, for now, these will probably be used in smaller skirmish style games such as Inq28 or even Necromunda. I love Mortian's reactor as a center piece - it practically paints itself. The GW board, however, does take some patience to fill in all the grey panels. As with the flyers, I'm very much looking forward to putting oils on the terrain piece and weathering it up with some pigments!


  1. Just like your 28mm scale models, the LI Blood Angels are starting to look the business, I do like the terrain you've made for photography.
    Am I right in thinking it's based around a rattlecan lid as the main shape?

    1. Cheers!
      The LI terrain piece is a bit smaller than that. The basic shape is made from a measuring cup – but of course I do also have a collection of rattlecan lids to be used for similar projects!

  2. Very nice stuff. The terrain piece has strong Rogue Trader vibes.