Sunday 16 April 2017

There's progress with the Iron Hills and even more DnD

This week was not as productive as the last few, but I did make some progress with the Iron Hills Goat Riders.

Ironhills Goat Rider
Pict 136: Iron Hills Goat Rider

Ironhills Goat Rider
Pict 137: Iron Hills Goat Rider

Ironhills Goat Rider
Pict 138: Iron Hills Goat Rider

Firstly I'm showing the first completet Iron Hills Goat Rider. I have to say I love these miniatures! Everything is clearly defined and paints up really nicely. I only struggled with the horns because they took so many layers of paint from so many angles to get them where I was happy with them. I'm pleased how he came out overall and look forward to having six painted up and on the table.

Dungeons and Dragons Pixies MIniatures
Pict 139: Woodelf Sprites (Pixies)

Next up are two more of the Woodelf Sprites that are on my desk right now. As before, they will be used as AoS markers and will double as Pixies for DnD.

Ironhills Goat Riders (WIP)
Pict 140: Iron Hills Goat Riders (WIP)
And here are the remaining five Goat Riders that I'm working on at the moment. The basecoats and washes are down, so I hope to finish them quickly. Not only because I need them painted on the coming sunday, but also to finish this part of the army. What's still missing then are the dismounts and the Warrior with the banner. Right now I don't think I'll be adding to the army but that might change as more options for the Warriors and more heroes are released.

Schicksalspfade Türe und Beutemarker
Pict 141: Schicksalspfade Doors and Markers (WIP)

Pict 142: Crates

The last pictures show the second half of the Dungeons and Dragons order for this month. The pieces that were originally produced for the game Schicksalspfade will mostly get used for DnD but I might give the game a try since I do have two little gangs. I never got around to reading the rules and thus never played the game. As you can see I already started painting the doors - every time a layer of paint was drying on the Goats, I quickly blocked in some colours here.

Pict 143: Wizkids Unpainted

And lastly, here are some more DnD miniatures. I was really intrigued by the rather new Wizkids Unpainted range and decided to give them a try. Having recieved the miniatures, I do have to say the sculpts are good but there are very nasty moldlines, that will have to be removed and some gaps that will have to be filled before I can actually start to paint. The coat of Vallejo primer looks like a good base to work from and I'll probably wont prime over that. I still wait on some GW bases for the Displacer Beasts and the Phase Spiders. But I do look forward to start painting some more minions.


  1. Do you have a guide as to how you painted the goat riders? They look amazing! Im a new player and am trying to figure out how to paint my Iron Hills army. Thank you!

    1. Hey, I only just now saw your comment. I hope I can help - as for the rider the recipe follows the one on the right "Painting Recipe: Iron Hills Dwarfs". The goat itself Was basecoated with Rakarth flesh, washed with Agrax Earthshade and then highlighted with more Rakarth Flesh and a mix of Rakarth Flesh and Pallid Wych Flesh. The horns were then brought up with pure Pallid Wych Flesh and White Scar.
      What takes longest is getting every single strand of hair that is sculpted with the different stages of highlights.
      Good luck with yours!