Monday, 3 April 2017

Another Iron Hills Captain, Objective Markers and a creepy fellow...

So it seems the last few weeks have been quite good for painting. And this week was no exeption. Satuday I had a few more games with the Iron Hills Dwarfs and a Gundabad Army. The latter will change a bit more, but I'm quite happy with the Iron Hills Dwarfs. The only problem seem to have is rolling 2s with the Ballista and then have the dilemma wether or not I spend the two might of the Captain within the first rounds.

Ironhills Captain
Pict 112: Iron Hills Captain

Ironhills Captain
Pict 113: Iron Hills Captain

Ironhills Captain
Pict 114: Iron Hills Captain

Ironhills Captain
Pict 115: Iron Hills Captain
First up today is said Captain. He painted up rather fast - I think I spend two evenings. Other than that not to mutch to say here. Only that I look forward to getting the other Captain and painting him up.

Ironhills / Gundabad Objective Markers
Pict 116: Iron Hills / Gundabad Objective Markers

Up next are the objective markers I build and now painted for the Iron Hills army. I'll be using them for the Gundabad army as well, but they don't quite fit, since I the bases for the Gundabad Army are more like a ruin. At first I wanted them do be Dol Guldur but I think now they might get some snow and be Ravenhill. So once I get the inspiration I might build other markers for the Gundabads.

Villager Ebob
Pict 117: Bill Ferny (eBob)

Villager Ebob
Pict 118: Bill Ferny (eBob)

Villager Ebob
Pict 119: Bill Ferny (eBob)

Villager Ebob
Pict 120: Bill Ferny (eBob)

To sum up the miniatures I painted this week, here is the creepy fellow mentioned in the title. It's the scoundrel miniature of eBob's townsfolk and not at all a Bill Ferny, resident of Bree and collaborator with Sauron in the Shire. I started with the other townspeople too and hope to use them in DnD since they don't really have a use in the Middle Earth SBG. Especially Butterbur will be usefull, when the party think they should start a barfight.

Gundabad Ogre Hobbit SBG
Pict 121: Gundabad Ogres (WIP)

And lastly for today: a work in progress picture of the two Gundabad Ogres. I really like them in game although I need some more practice with them - they are great to throw warriors around, but once a hero gets to them, they are pretty much done for. The best thing about them by far is the character the miniatures posess. I tip my hat to the sculptor! I think I might get two more (as they are needed for the scenarios) and the thought of having four of them in one army is as bad as it is hillarious.

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