Sunday 13 November 2022

Blood Angels Breachers and Blitz Bowl Humans

I used the past two weeks to continue my Blood Angels Legion in the form of some Breachers. I then was distracted by a box of Blitz Bowl as a quick side project.

Blood Angels Breachers
Pict 1235: Blood Angels Breachers
Blood Angels Breachers
Pict 1236: Blood Angels Breachers
Blood Angels Breachers
Pict 1237: Blood Angels Breachers

I finished the first half of my Blood Angels Breachers that had been in the making for about a month. Among them are of course the Segeant and the Vexilla but also on of the weapons specialist with a Graviton Gun. The next five should take about one or two more evenings, but of course I was distraced...

Blitz Bowl Humans (WIP)
Pict 1238: Blitz Bowl Humans (WIP)

... I was distracted by a box of second edition Blitz Bowl. I started with the human team and wanted to go for a very colourful and easy scheme. I hope to finish them quickly with only one layer of highlights after the wash to get them done. We'll see, if I can manage to dial down my expectations and just call them done by then. The aim is to get them to the pitch and play games with them as soon as possible!

Blitz Bowl Balls and Markers
Pict 1239: Blitz Bowl Balls and Markers

Along with the players for any game of Blood Bowl you need some markes such as the balls. These were simple enough and painted up very fast. The balls are magnetised so they clip onto the base of the player who currently has one.
While I was at it, I also painted the balls and coin for the Dwarf Team but stopped short of the marker because I have not yet decided on a colour scheme – that should be up next!


  1. Breachers look as great as the rest of your Blood Angels force so far. Really like the use of the golden mk.vii helmet for the sergeant.

    Never been a fan of Blood/Dungeon Bowl personally, but your human team so far look good.

    Perhaps an Orange kit for the Dwarves?
    I mean there is a paint called "Troll Slayer Orange" afterall 😁

    1. Thank you!

      Yes, an orange kit might look good! I think, that's what it will be!