Sunday, 27 November 2022

Blood Angels ready for the Zone Mortalis

Once again, two weeks were firmly in the grip of the Horus Heresy with a bunch more work on my Blood Angels – fnishing the Breacher squad and adding another Apothecary and five Support Marines with Heavy Flamers.

Blood Angels Zone Mortalis Reinforcements
Pict 1240: Blood Angels Zone Mortalis Reinforcements
Blood Angels Breachers
Pict 1241: Blood Angels Breachers
Blood Angels Breachers
Pict 1242: Blood Angels Breachers

After my last post, I really concentrated on these five Breachers and now have an officially legal army. I'm really happy with how they came out and following them, I on a roll and rode that Blood Angels wave even further!

Blood Angels Heavy Support Flamers and Apothecary
Pict 1243: Blood Angels Heavy Support Flamers and Apothecary
Blood Angels Heavy Support Flamers and Apothecary
Pict 1244: Blood Angels Heavy Support Flamers and Apothecary

And here are the next few miniatures for the Blood Angels: five Heavy Support Marines with Heavy Flamers and an Apothecary on foot to round out a 1000 points list themed to Zone Mortalis games. I did not expect to finish them so quickly. But it really seems like I have the different steps of the colours down and of course it's only six Marines after all. Nevertheless this bodes well for my progress!

Blood Angels Leviathan (WIP)
Pict 1245: Blood Angels Leviathan (WIP)

And of course I also started to work on a Leviathan Dreadnought. This one had to get painted, because the model is so chunky it does not fit into my Heresy project box!
I managed to put down the base colours and oil wash rather fast and the wash has now dried for about a week. Now he's ready for the highlighting and should also done by the next update.

Crashed Aquila Lander
Pict 1246: Crashed Aquila Lander
Crashed Aquila Lander
Pict 1247: Crashed Aquila Lander

Lastly I also updated the paintjob on this crashed Aquila Lander to tie it in with my current Heresy miniatures. I can't quite pinpoint when I first painted this terrain set, but it might be about 10 years ago!
To update it, I removed some very green patches of static grass, gave all the ship parts a black oilwash and repainted the ground to match the Blood Angel's bases. And of course I gave it all a liberal coating of weathering pigments.
If I painted the Lander today, I would probably go lighter on the sponged on rust but I'm pretty happy to have some addional backgrounds for my Heresy miniatures.


  1. Another fine selection of Blood Angels, how much do you have for the army now?

    I love the Leviathan Dreadnought, my favourite chassis they brought out, I may just get my SoH one finished...someday.

    The crashed Lander looks good, I really like the rust/weathering effects you've achieved on it. Again I keep thinking I should get my own version of it done...but where is the time?

    1. I think I have almost 1700 points painted – and of course quite a bit more either built or ready to be built. I will make sure to mkae some nice group photos at the end of the year.

      Who doesn't love big stompy robots! The Levithan is such a big chonk - a great model!

      And of course, time is always a limiting factor...

  2. "who doesn't love big stompy robots" - depends if you're on the recieving end of a charge I guess.

  3. Very nice Marines. I especially like the shields.

    The wreckage looks great.
    A different approach to what we are used to seeing.

    1. Thank you! Those shields were a great canvas for scratches.