Sunday, 13 June 2021

Cursed City Rats and Objectives

These past two weeks I got to some more models from the Cursed City box: I painted the swarms of Corpse Rats and all of the objectives and the additional pieces such as the cats and the gargoyles. I also started painting the Vargskyr.

Cursed City Objectives
Pict 1039: Cursed City Objectives
Corpse Rats
Pict 1040: Corpse Rats
First up, here are the Corpse Rats. Quite nice swarms and not to many colours so they painted up rather fast. Only hurdle is that they are quite fiddly and some of the rats in the middle are hard to reach. All in all, they are surely not my best paintjobs, but as always a nice base elevates a mediocre paintjob and the goal was the finish them to play the game with painted miniatures.

Cursed City Objectives
Pict 1041: Cursed City Objectives
These were quite fun to convert - just switching a few bits around to make them all unique and my own. The gravestone required a bit of shaving because of some sculpted roses and the other marker comes from one of the zombies themselves. I quite like the mechanic in the game where they use these gravestones to spawn more zombies and I plan to make some more to make the game a bit harder and have the possibility for a real zombie horde.

Diregargoyles and Gnawbone Strays
Pict 1042: Diregargoyles and Gnawbone Strays
These few miniatures seem to be pretty much only filler since there was space on the sprues. I have not yet found any use for them in the game, but who could say no to cats? I really had some great fun putting moss on the gargoyles - great miniatures!

Vargskyr (WIP)
Pict 1043: Vargskyr (WIP)
And lastly here is a WIP of my Vargskyr. A very cool model and I think it will look great once I have blended the colours!


  1. I love the warmer colour palette you are using for these figures. It reminds me of the old Mordheim stuff (just a touch of Blanchitsu, if you know what I mean). Great bases too!

    1. Thanks mate! That's high praise. I usually go for warmer, brighter colours. I find that you can still make stuff look creepy without being drab.

  2. The look of the miniatures goes to together well. What have you used for the bases?

    1. Thanks! My bases follow pretty much the same recipe nowadays. I start by covering the whole base in coffee grounds that I paint with a dark brown, drybrush with beige and finally a brown wash. The rocks you sometimes see are just pieces of cork.
      The greenery is a mix: first Noch leafs, then two different static grasses(one a bit brighter). Lastly a few birch seed to top it all of.